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Another Birthday: Mama Florrie is 103!

February 29, 2016

There was a party with folks that came as far away as New York and Pennsylvania. 

Everyone there was related by blood or marriage except me. Some of the folks thought I was related anyway. 

One woman told me I needed to take a DNA test to prove that we were related. “But I’m not,” I protested, though she was not convinced. 


There were grands….


and great-grands….


and great-great-grands.

People continued to arrive even after the photos were made. Darn, we should have had a guest book. Those people who didn’t know me looked at me suspiciously. What was a lily-white like me doing there?


We might not be related, but I’m her self-imposed personal historian. 

We’ll see you next year!

At Ebenezer

February 28, 2016

Well, yay! The last post actually posted, so let’s finish up those historical markers. 


John and William Bartram


Ebenezer Creek and the March to the Sea


The Old River Road


Silk culture at Ebenezer


The town of Ebenezer

So why are we in Ebenezer, anyway?  

I got a text that morning from a FaceBook friend from my hometown. She and her husband were traving through and decided to make a side trip to Ebenezer to check out a lead on an ancestor. Sugar is not spontaneous, but on this day he was. There’s a wildlife refuge between us and Ebenezer, so what could take 20 minutes, if there were actually a bridge across the river, takes an hour in the real world. 
There’s a church at Ebenezer plus a little museum that is open limited hours. Maybe the museum has the info our friends seek. 

Let’s go back for a day trip! But take a lunch. 

The Jerusalem Church Cemetery

February 27, 2016

I wrote an entire post complete with photos, of course, and when I pushed the “Post” button, it all melted away. No published post, no saved draft. Very weird. A few days after, the iPhone started malfunctioning. Plus I couldn’t add photos to FaceBook. Then FaceBook started their new emoticons. Was all this related? Is the NSA monitoring my cemetery and cat photos?

So here’s a barely reconstructed post of Jerusalem Church Cemetery. I’m tired. 





   So let’s break here. If this posts, I follow-up with the rest of these markers. 

See you on the other side, NSA!

In Memory of Miser

February 24, 2016

While Sugar and I were at the Savannah Wildlife Facility’s diorama, I saw a tombstone in one of the displays. I took some photos which were found later not to be clear. 

We went back so I could get better photos. I was the one hanging over the rail with Sugar posted as the lookout. 


In Memory of Miser

Who was a Driver on this Plantation for 30 years. He was a faithful Servant, a true Christian, and the noblest work of God – an honest man. 

This slab is placed over his remains by his Master Daniel Heyward in token of his love and esteem. 

Good-night, Miser. I hope you rest well from your labors. 

Wrapping Up Dahlonega: the CamScanner

February 6, 2016

(I started writing this post on the iPhone a week ago, but stepped away, mid-post, to get a cup of tea, and the cats pressed “POST”. I figured out how to delete it.)


Almost 2 years ago we were on a pilgrimage to Dahlonega, where Sugar’s great-grandfather was the 2nd president of the North Georgia College. We located the site of their home, after we got home and looked over our research.


I’ve learned about a handy app called a CamScanner. You install a scanner on your phone, and you can edit your photos that you take with the CamScanner feature.

I found the walking tour brochure for the neighborhood where the family of William Starr Basinger lived, and I camscanned it and highlighted the two lots where they lived.

So there’s the contents of the brochure. I went back to the map of the neighborhood, and outlined the lots where the Basinger house was. Keep in mind, the actual image of the lot is smaller than the size of  a postage stamp and I’m drawing with my little finger because I don’t have a stylus thingy. The lots front Water Street.

Plus it’s my first attempt and there’s a learning curve. Overall, I’m pleased. Now the lot location is out there on the big internet!