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At Ebenezer

February 28, 2016

Well, yay! The last post actually posted, so let’s finish up those historical markers. 


John and William Bartram


Ebenezer Creek and the March to the Sea


The Old River Road


Silk culture at Ebenezer


The town of Ebenezer

So why are we in Ebenezer, anyway?  

I got a text that morning from a FaceBook friend from my hometown. She and her husband were traving through and decided to make a side trip to Ebenezer to check out a lead on an ancestor. Sugar is not spontaneous, but on this day he was. There’s a wildlife refuge between us and Ebenezer, so what could take 20 minutes, if there were actually a bridge across the river, takes an hour in the real world. 
There’s a church at Ebenezer plus a little museum that is open limited hours. Maybe the museum has the info our friends seek. 

Let’s go back for a day trip! But take a lunch.