Old Chehaw Landing in Colleton County, SC

Random picture of old house on the way to the landing.

I haven’t posted many photos lately because there’s been a problem with the camera.  At first, I thought it was a problem with the operator – again – but no.  It’s actually the camera this time.

Sugar decided that it was time for a new camera.  So, after much hemming and hawing and discussions of pixels and zoom and batteries and memory chips, we chose a Canon. 
I love me some Canon.  My first camera love in my latest life was a Canon.  Sugar loves HP, but HP was not available.  We’re pretty low-tech, camera-wise.  We just want some decent photos of history and houses and cats and water.  This little beaut does 16.0 mega pixels with a 5X optical zoom, and it did not let us down.
We had decided that we wanted to go back to the Chehaw Landing for photos.  Oh. my. goodness.  What a perfect day for photo-making.

The view from the car


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One Response to “Old Chehaw Landing in Colleton County, SC”

  1. Canon D5000 Says:

    Admirable piece…


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