Cheryl the Feral

The latest round of feral-cat-naming started with Alice, the feline leukemia positive kitten that lives indoors with me in a 31′ RV. The next was Baby, the little baby that appeared in last fall in November 2010 at the feral cat feeding station in the woods.

Now we have letter “C” to introduce, and we have none other than Cheryl the Feral.  She’s the cat that I trapped last August, then I let go when I realized that she was a nursing mother.  She went back into the trap about two weeks ago, and now has been spayed, vaccinated, and released back to the feral cat station.  No pictures of the event due to recent camera complications, which have now been resolved.

And next, letter “D”.  No one is trapped yet, but in the interest of future planning, how about “Darrell”, then “Errol”, then “Ferrell”, then “Gerald”, then “Harold”, then… then… I’m stuck on “I”.


6 Responses to “Cheryl the Feral”

  1. Leo Says:



  2. Linda Smith Says:

    I can do M…Merrill…..but I is tough…………….Isaberal?????????????


  3. Kariann Says:

    You are like the Duggars of the feline variety (not really but it was funny in my head for a minute)


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