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Errol the Former Feral

July 17, 2011

Handsome pirate, about 10 weeks old.

Poor Errol.  He was dropped off at Dot’s Red Dot Liquor Emporium and Beer Store.  Dot feeds ferals, and the locals have decided that unwanted cats and kittens can be left at Dot’s Red Dot, and she will be happy to get them.  While Dot *IS* happy to help felines, it’s an expensive and disheartening proposition to see so many in need.

Errol didn’t have a name, and in the interest of my alphabetical naming system, letter “E” was next.  So Errol Flynn the pirate was born.  Errol’s left eye has an issue.  His lens has ruptured, and his eye needs to be removed.   If you would like to see what this eye looks like, you can click here.

I’ve just received my non-profit status for Catcatcher Corner, and I am attempting to start fund-raising.  (You can still read the blog even if you don’t contribute.)

I Am A College Graduate; Or Bedding Down with Harry S. Truman

July 8, 2011

Whew!  We’re tired and ready to head over to the Presidents’s Quarters in Savannah.  The BabyGirl went along with SIL and me to see what a fancy-schmancy B&B is like.  Let’s just say it’s nice, very nice. 

We got Room 403, the Harry S. Truman room.  That’s a bit disconcerting, isn’t it, sleeping with dead presidents?  Of course, if it were money, that would be another story.

We didn't need this door hanger.

The view out one window showed this building...

A drinking emporium of sorts. We're on the 4th floor and you can see the tops of the crape myrtle trees.

The BabyGirl left to meet up with some family members in a family that I was once married into, but they have not invited me, nor SIL, to join them, so, pooh on them.  They think they put the fun in dysfunctional. 

SIL and I really, really wanted some Leopold’s ice cream.  But the line was so, so long every time we went by that we just had to pass it up.  We were on our way to a ghost tour which was supposed to meet at Ellis Square, but there was no tour forming there, so SIL called the phone number and a recording said that we were supposed to be on Abercorn, but no, there was nothing there either.  We gave up, and just drove about, parked, and strolled like tourists down to the riverfront on River Street overlooking the river.  The evening was a pleasant temperature, and we watched the boats go by. 

After a bit had gone by and darkness had fallen., we located Ole Yeller and drove back to the B&B which, oddly enough, was only a few streets from where we parked.  We were tourists, and everything seemed new, even in Old Savannah.

We turned in before 11PM, with lots more to do and see, like church and homeless people and enjoying the day and coffee, pretty coffee…

I Am A College Graduate! (Part 3)

July 6, 2011

After the fun food adventure at the Kitchens on the Square, we met up with SIL’s husband and two GoodSport sons and my BabyGirl at The Distillery.  I’ll have to give you more on that later.


So.  On to the Isaiah Davenport house.  We couldn’t take pictures inside so I’ll have to find a link – later – which you could probably find faster than I, but then.  What’s the fun in that?  What kind of crummy blog is this if I can’t even provide the links?  Stick with me – I’ll get to it later, I’ve got a lot going on right now.

For now, here’s the outside of the Isaiah Davenport house.  I’ll transcribe the historical marker, later, that’s right, you guessed it, later.  For now you can left-click on the photo to enlarge it and make it more readable.




In 1757, during the administration of royal Governor

Henry Ellis, a line of earthwork defenses, including a

palisade, was erected around a Savannah.  Immediately west of

this marker was located Bethesda Gate, one of the six en-

trances into the town.  Through Bethesda Gate passed the

Sea Island Road connecting Savannah and the tidewater

settlements to the east and southeasat.

This square, known as Columbia Square, was laid out in

1799.  Facing it on the north is the “Davenport House,” one

of the handsomest examples of Georgian architecture in the

South.  This finely proportioned dwelling, completed in 1820,

was designed and built by its owner, Isaiah Davenport

(1784-1827), one of Savannah’s outstanding builder-architects.

In 1956 the “Davenport House” was restored by Historic

Savannah Foundation as the first preservation project of

that organization.  It is open to the public at certain

times during the week.


I Am A College Graduate! (Part 2)

July 5, 2011

After the excitement of the farmers’s market in Forsythe Park, we scouted out the location of the Kitchens on the Square.  (Isn’t that cute how I used the word “scout” like we were intrepid explorers advancing into the wilderness?)

Ellis Square!

This is Ellis Square.  No big deal, right?  Wrong!!  Once upon a time, the city destroyed the original Ellis Square and built a concrete parking garage.  I’ll let that sink in for a bit.  No, really, the beautiful square was eliminated so that we could enjoy parking because, after all, what is more beautiful that a historic square?  Obviously, the answer is, as the British say, a car park.

Mo' Ellis Square.

And then the unthinkable happened.  The parking garage was torn down, a giant hole was dug in the ground, and a new parking garage was built in the hole.  You can’t see it, can you?  That’s right, because the new square is on TOP of the parking garage, completely with greenery, fountains, walkways, and people-friendly fixtures.

This enigmatic Brazilian woman keeps popping up in my photos. What the heck?! Is she drinking watermelon juice??

SIL found a great deal by using groupon on the internet.  Have you used it?  You.  Must.  This was the best deal *EVER*.  I can’t even describe Kitchens on the Square adequately so I’ll give you the link.  It’s the funnest kitchen store that you have ever seen.  They have been in Savannah for seven – that’s right – (7) years and I never heard of them.  It is a fun touristy-type of adventure that you would want to do over and over again, even if you are a local.  The store chef (who describes herself as a cook, not a chef, but it doesn’t sound right to say store cook) planned, prepared, and cooked an amazing meal of pork tenderloin, breaded and baked green tomatoes, cornmeal twinkie-type muffins with cream-cheese-based filling, and gingersnap cookies served with vanilla ice cream and fresh Georgia peaches.  All this just for us, prepared right before us.  And, bonus!  Recipes and kitchen tools used in the making of the meal are available.  The recipes were free with the purchase of the meal, the tools, not so much.

Coloring outside the lines makes me nervous. Look! There's Paula Deen!

If I can find my recipes, I will post them.  Later.

Brazilian woman. Again.

I took a photo of my SIL taking a photo of her meal. Apologies for the PG-13 rating.

I can't even look at this photo without my mouth watering.

In the foreground is the baked green tomatoes.  They were breaded in a mixture of Panko, cheddar cheese, and freshly grated parmesan cheese, among other yummy things.  Mouth.  Watering.

And now some words of wisdom from the Kitchens on the Square…

Note to self: Self, should I tag this post as "mature"?

Next:  The Isaiah Davenport House!

I Am a College Graduate!

July 4, 2011

Yup!  That’s right – I am are is a college graduate!  And the best sister-in-law in the world decided to take me out for a ladies weekend.  She and her good sport husband and good sport sons drove a grueling hot drive up the coast from NearMiami to spend the weekend in Savannah.  She planned a weekend of walking and eating, andandand – the best part – we stayed at the Presidents’s Quarters B&B.  If you remember my post about the Presidents’s Quarters (and, really, why wouldn’t you), you’d remember that it’s a double townhouse where Alexander Robert Lawton resided on one side.  A college graduation celebration with a LawtonFest thrown in, completely by accident.

I met up with them for breakfast where they were staying at the Holiday Inn Express on Bay St.  We filled our tummies in anticipation of needing the calories for strength.  It’s hard work being a tourist.  SIL and I set out in Old Yeller to locate all the fun places that she had planned.  I threw in a little side tour of the area south of the Park by the Brighter Day Health Food Store and the Sentient Bean coffeehouse, and we spotted – my heart be still – a farmers’s market in the park.

Farmers! Marketing!

It was a happy collection of farmers, shoppers, dogs, babies, and passers-by. 


SIL stopped a dog owner so that she could get her dobie fix.



SIL bought some Georgia peaches.


I bought some honey for Sugar.

I bought some romaine lettuce for Gladys the Guinea Pig.  This booth was jumping full of good stuff.

You've heard about it, now get the real thing right here!


This photo is not what it looks like. SIL was not soliciting a police officer. He has his money out because he is buying watermelon juice. Honest.


A beautiful venue on a beautiful day.


A toast to watermelon juice!

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