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1867 Notice of Bounty Due to U.S.C.T.

May 3, 2020

The following image is from FamilySearch. I was browsing through another large image collection, and there are MANY collections, and I don’t know which collection this is from…

Headquarters, Assistant commissioner,

Bureau Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands,

South Carolina

Charleston, S. C., March 13, 1867.

Soldiers of the 103d and 128th U. S. colored Troops having bounty due them, will report their names and the amount due to Bvt. Maj. A. McL. CRAWFORD, in Charleston, Bvt. Brig. Gen. GEO. W. GILE, at Beaufort; Maj. M. R. DELANY, at Hilton Head; Capt. H. C. BRANDT, at Marshal House, Savannah, Ga.

Means are about to be instituted to procure the bounty, or at least a portion of it for those to whom it is due.

The Ministers of the different Colored Churches are requested to read this notice to their congregations and to spread the information as widely as possible.

The following is a list of names who are known to have bounty due:

103d U. S. Colored Troops.


Joseph Eldridge.


Mathew Farr,

Tony Frazier,

Austin Fergueson,

Robert Murray,

John Vandross,

George Walker,

Adam Bryant,

Daniel Ely.

Jackson Young.


Primus Adams,

Tony Dobson,

Hambleton Dickenson

Sephen Haines,

Richard Doran,

Martin Glass,

Henderson Glass,

Paul Hughes,

James Jackson,

Murry Legree,

John Legree,

James Miller,

Peter Miller,

Phillip McMichael,

Benjamin Nelson,

Joseph Saint,

Ralph Tuggles,

Aaron Wyatt,

Hardee Addison,

Robert Duke,

William Wyatt,

John Matthour,

Nelson Cooper,

John Baker,

David Brauter,

Joe McCloud,

Aaron Williams,


John Clarke,

William Edwards,

William Gorse,

Archer Gadstone,

James Gadstone,

March Gilyard.

Robert Rudell,

Harry Smith,

Robert Brewer,

Butler Bradley,

Sebry Grant.

William Brisbane.


James Anderson,

Moses Akens,

Elijah Bostwick,

Rollins Brown,

Levi Brown,

Henry Carter,

Jack Dickinson,

Beverly Dodsod,

William Edwards,

William Frazier,

Thomas Gowens,

Joseph Gray,

William Grant,

Cato Jenkins,

Theodore Johnson,

Anthony Kane,

Charles Lincoln,

William Lock,

Kelly McBride,

Scipio Middleton,

John Pierson,

Frank Tarlton,

Joseph Warren,

Abraham Wright,

David Wright,

John Foster,

Marcus Heywood,

James Wilson,


Bill Bennett,

James Broughton,

Richard Bowman,

Elijah Brown,

Thomas Brown,

Silas Cooper,

Edward Dennis,

Simeon Fitzpatrick,

Nat Harrington.

Reuben Wade,

Bob Harper,

George Hendricks,

Carolina Horace,

Morgan Jackson,

Daniel Jones,

Peter Kearney,

William Kennedy,

William Lawton,

Horace Martin,

Robert Mattock,

Albert Rogers,

Henry Scribner,

John Stevens,

John Shelly,

Lawrence Wade,

James Boykin,

Samuel Jones,

Andrew Tarlton.


Ephraim Barber,

Stepney Carter,

Thomas Cooper,

Benjamin Franklin,

Jones Frazier,

Gilderoy Gussett,

Lewis Grimer,

Austin Jackson,

Primus Kinlaw,

Windsor Lawton,

Doctor Lawton,

Thomas Martin,

Owens Martin,

Daniel Maxwell,

Jacob Scribben,

James Turner,

Arnold TUcker,

Anthony Williams,


Abram Bunson,

Thomas Birney,

James Brown,

John Butler,

Jeff Boyd

Peter Brown,

Carey Carr,

James Carter,

Hoctes Martin,

Morris Newton,

William Perry,

Solomon Parker,

Sanders Stevens,

James Smith,

Joseph Shepherd,

William H. Taylor,

Richards Tucker,

Gabriel Tallwood,

Solomon Walker,

Madison R. Werd,

John Williams,

Tom Yustee,

Samuel Frazier,

Williamm Grench,

Isaac Horton,

Peter Horton,

William Henry,

Barrack Houston,

Alexander Jones,

Charles Jones,

Franklin Jones,

Edward Lewis,

Squire Lee,

Lewis Brissett,

George M. Williams,

Edward Levy,


Aldridge Ashley,

Phillip Beaton,

Andrew Eaton,

Benjamin Fits,

Nelson Fitz,

George Fripp,

Daniel Gifford,

William Haywood,

Nelson Hightower,

George Jones,

Jack Lawton,

Edward Richardson,

Thomas Robinson,

David Williams,

Andrew Waters,

Peter Young,

128th U. S. Colored Troops.


Edward Johnson,

Adam Rizer,

George Rizer,

Simon Funk,


Alex Melton,


Samuel Heyward,

Paris Irving,

Edward Dayton,


H. W. SMITH, Bvt. Lt. Col & A. A. G.

1839 South Carolina Census

May 1, 2020

I didn’t write in April. There was a lot going on.

Pandemic. Knitting. Crocheting. Sewing masks. Research. Transcribing and indexing for Family Search. Taking animals to the vet. Planning for the future. Watching TV online. Scanning old photos.

One of my issues that I couldn’t resolve was that WordPress had an update for their template. I tried to insert some old photos of Leslie’s mother into a previous post, and I failed miserably. I had to walk away from it after multiple attempts. I’m back today to see if I can conquer this online beast.

I indexed records for Family Search and reached a goal of 1000 records. That total meant that I could go to the next level and become a reviewer. So for the past several days I’ve been reviewing which seems easier than transcribing. I took a break a few days ago and decided to browse their image collections. It’s a lot of records to look at, and some of them are already on Ancestry. I was able to pop in and out of several huge collections to see if they had anything of interest.

I learned something. In 1838, the South Carolina Legislature enacted a state census. Family Search has the collection for St. Peter’s Parish, a now-defunct designation, but that area has been of special interest to me for over a decade.

Have a look. It is the enumeration of free white people listed by name and how many in the household. It is the most basic census I’ve ever seen. Some of the pages haven’t been fully scanned, and the number of people in the household has been cut off the right-hand side of the page.

A Census of the Free white inhabitants
of St Peters, St Lukes, Prince William’s, and
St Helena Parishes, comprising Beaufort District
taken by Jno M Baker agreeable to an Act of the
Legislature passed in December 1838.

St. Peter’s Parish had the most free white inhabitants of the 4 areas that were enumerated. The list is mostly alphabetized, but a few random names tucked here and there for good measure. I’d love to see how the enumerator kept his notes. Did he use 3×5 index cards and then arrange them alphabetically?

I found 3 Lawton households: Joseph Maner Lawton, Col. Alexander James Lawton, and Catharine Lawton. Which means that I’m going to have to go have a look at the 1840 census and see what’s going on there….