Lawton-Jones Mausoleum at Laurel Grove

We’ve been there before.  You can click here and here to refresh your memory.

Well, we went back again to survey the plot.  It was really overgrown, and Sugar’s cousin had a plan to refurbish and refresh the plot by enlisting a group of young people to trim the bushes.  When we arrived, we thought that SugarCousin had moved forward with her plan because the plot was trim and tidy.

Wow. That’s really, ummm, tidy. What did it used to be?

The sun really highlights the carving on the door.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Of course you are.

When we walked around the mausoleum, I was snapping shots of detail.  We got to the back of the building, I looked up, and realized that high up on the wall was a ventilation grate for the mausoleum.  Y’all know that I just put a camera against the glass panes when the window is up to high to peep in, but usually that’s for churches.  I’ve never thought about taking a photo of the inside of a mausoleum, and I couldn’t make up my mind if that was disrespectful or not.

So you already know what I did.  I caved, and Sugar was there to stop me, but he did not.  In fact, he gave me a boost.  You will be disappointed that there are no spectral images, just the amazing glow of the sun on the marble door.  You’ll see.

Here you go.

The keyhole.

See?  Nothing scary to see.  We continued to stroll around the lot, marveling at the changes made from the trimming and pruning.


Love this spring of greenery growing on the wall.


An insect colony of sorts on a crape myrtle trunk.

This old crape myrtle showed these two trunks that had grown together and grown apart over the years. They accomodated each other and allowed for growth and separation.

Several stalks of foliage were left behind on the ground.

And this little oleander branch is going home with me. I’ll try to root it. It probably will die, but it will certainly die if I leave it here. We’ll see what happens.

A few days later, we found out that the city had come by and done the trimming.  SugarCousin was surprised when she went to do a lot survey to see what needed to be done.  She reported that the city said they do that every few years.  Well played, SugarCousin.  Well played.

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6 Responses to “Lawton-Jones Mausoleum at Laurel Grove”

  1. Sandy Traub (@sandytraub) Says:

    Oleanders are beautiful, but the sap is toxic / poisonous. To smell them burning is even deadly.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Sandy, you are quite correct. I heard that Southern ladies would offer a cup of oleander tea to the Yankee intruders…
      Thank you for the link!


  2. Kariann Deno Says:



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