The Bonaventure Cemetery Illustrated Map

I’ve been holding out on you. My online cartographer friend, Michael Karpovage, has a line of illustrated maps. One of them is Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah.

Michael made some map overlays for me for the blog regarding Scott’s Neck in what was then the old Beaufort District near present day Sheldon. You can check that out by clicking here.

“Michael Karpovage is an award-winning cartographer, author, and designer based out of Roswell, GA. His new Bonaventure Cemetery Illustrated Map can be found at Karpovage Creative, on Amazonand is also being sold at Bonaventure Cemetery in the visitors center.

I bought *two* maps, one from Amazon and one directly from Michael. The 2nd edition map has been updated to include the true story of Corinne Elliott Lawton.
There’s a nice feature story about her and her family.

Michael sent me a link to upload some graphics of the map to share here on the blog, but because I have waited almost 2 years to actually write this post, the link isn’t active any more. I could say that I’m a slacker, but I’ve been dealing with life, and I’m so far behind. I used to think that I’d get everything in life sorted out in due process, but now I think I will run out of time before I get everything accomplished. Some big things, some little things, some in-between things like writing this blog post. I have a few days off from work so I might just probably pound out a couple of blog posts over the next few days.

Back to maps…

I scanned the Corinne corner of my map. I apologize because it is not high resolution, but I have a new-ish scanner that doesn’t always talk to the ancient netbook, and sometimes the netbook doesn’t talk to me at all.

I have circled the location of the Lawton plot in red.

I love the bird’s eye view. We think we will indicate other plots of importance, like the Basinger and Starr plots, and the Corbin plot where Dr. and Mrs. Tucker are buried.



One of the most notable and visited monuments in Bonaventure Cemetery is of Corinne Elliott Lawton, shown above in the foreground (Section H/Lot 168, C-18 on map). Corinne was the eldest daughter of Confederate Brigadier-General Alexander R. Lawton, whose own monument stands in the background overlooking the river. His monument features a life-sized sculpture of Jesus Christ at Heaven’s Gate.

Corinne was born in 1846 and died on January 24, 1877, from an illness, most likely pneumonia. She was sick for 5-6 days and died in bed while surrounded by family members, according to her mother’s diary entry. Any other stories you hear about her demise are false.

She was buried in Laurel Grove cemetery first. She was then re-interred at Bonaventure Cemetery on the bluff, and at the time no other monuments existed in the family plot. Her father’s monument came many years later later after he died in 1896.

The sculptor of Corinne was Benedetto Civiletti who created the artwork in his studio in Palermo, Sicily, in 1879. From photographs and the recollection of the bereaved parents, he modeled the figure in which the parents acknowledged to be a very remarkable likeness. Her epitaph reads: “Allured to brighter worlds and led the way.”

Plus I have previews of the new Charleston map!

The actual map, the flip side, and a close up.

Try the links! You know you want a map.

2 Responses to “The Bonaventure Cemetery Illustrated Map”

  1. Anne Starr Hughes Says:

    This is outstanding, Ruth! Thanks for the post!


    • Ruth Rawls Says:

      You’re welcome! I need to go back and edit a bit here and there. I want to add a link to my post where Michael provided the map overlays for Scott’s Beck, and to transcribe the section about Corinne.
      The maps remind me of the one of 1871 Knoxville, but in color. Oh color.


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