A LawtonFest Family Reunion, June 1-2, 2012: Lawtonville Church

After the morning and early afternoon were spent at the Church of the Heavenly Rest, we all, approximately 50ish of us, set out on a caravan tour.  The first stop was the original place of the first church in this area. 

Then on to Woodstock!  No, you hippies, we did not go to New York.  We went to Woodstock Plantation and actually got a house tour with lemonade, sweet tea, and cookies.  It’s a wonderful home, but I, an RV dweller, just kept thinking, “I’m glad I don’t have to clean this house.”  More on that later.  First here’s the historical marker from the Lawtonville Church.

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3 Responses to “A LawtonFest Family Reunion, June 1-2, 2012: Lawtonville Church”

  1. Linda Smith Says:

    Ruth…..I got me some cud’ns up there in that hollar too!!!
    Linder Lou


  2. Linda Smith Says:

    I am sure somewhere in the family vine., way back …a Lawton or two can be found….Tell Sugar, I am one of them,.Colcocks, Hutsons , Gregories, Huguenins, from McPhersonville….I know he knows that hollar…..right up the road from his own……….


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