A LawtonFest Family Reunion, June 1-2, 2012: Part 7

Hello, and we’re back!  I’ve already written and attempted to post part 7, but WordPress said there was a security certificate error, but really?  Why would it say there was a security error on their own site?  So I deleted that entire post, and stamped my angry little feet, and walked away from it.

So let’s begin again.

We’re at Woodstock Plantation.  You can do a little google search about Woodstock, which dates back to early South Carolina days.  If you get a search result that mentions hippies, just jump right over that.  Wrong Woodstock.  Heh.

The long driveway wound through a woodland setting, and, unbeknownst to us, the driveway swept around the right side of the house.  I completely missed the front of the house because it was obscured by the trees. 

We start our tour with a side shot of the house, which led into the backyard, then up the back steps into the house where we meandered about.  It seems wrong somehow to take photos of someone’s private home, and yet.  I. do. it.

The final shot is a wide shelf mounted on the railing of the back porch.  It was the perfect height for sitting or resting one’s plate, and I did both.

And remember, if you want to stop the slideshow, just hover your mouse pointer over the photo, and see what happens.  Enjoy! 

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One Response to “A LawtonFest Family Reunion, June 1-2, 2012: Part 7”

  1. Kariann Deno Says:

    {drool drool}

    Thanks for the eye candy!


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