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Trailing William Davidson

February 27, 2018

I promise you that my children will thank me someday. I’m rummaging around in a cabinet looking for some sort of something, and I find some papers about William Davidson.

He would be another one of my 5th great-grandfathers, and a contemporary of Josias Gamble, with Josias being my first and only link to the DAR. When I was researching DAR ancestry some 20 years ago, a member of the local DAR chapter said, “Patriot families married patriot families”, and that was a light-bulb-going-on-over-my-head moment. My goal was to prove that my William Davidson be recognized by the DAR. One of the difficulties with this particular ancestor is that there were at least 2 other William Davidsons in close proximity to the area that became Blount County, Tennessee.

So I’ll start here with the William Davidson that I know to be mine. He was born about 1750 and died in the early 1800s. Perhaps I can get those dates sorted out more closely at some point.

He was married, although I can’t locate a name for his wife, and she isn’t mentioned in his will, so I believe that she predeceased him. His will lists his children, and one of them is my Elizabeth Davidson who married Andrew Gamble.

DavidsonWilliam death of

This is from a microfilm about the early Blount County, Tennessee, records. I didn’t make a copy of the title page or the date because I gathered this copy when I was a newbie. Or perhaps I did copy that info, and it has become separated from this page. When you have moved as much as I have in the last 20 years, things have a way of disappearing. Perhaps I can sort out precisely where this came from, eventually.






This day came the parties by the Attos. and thereupon came the same jury as above; who being elected tried and sworn well and truly to try the matter in dispute upon their oaths do say they find for the plaintiff and assess his damage to thirteen dollars (p. 154) and three cents, and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that WILLIAM DAVIDSON had become security for the defendant for the appeal & the Death of sd. Wm. Davidson was suggested to the Court. Therefore on motion of the plaintiff it is considered by the Court that the plaintiff recover against the defendant the sum of thirteen dollars and three cents the sum by the jury aforesaid assessed together with his costs by him in this behalf expended for which execution may issue.

I can now throw out this piece of paper. My children will thank me.