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Back to the Gold Mine in the Closet: Unidentified Location in Europe

February 11, 2015

Sugar’s mother was born in Geneva, Switzerland.

There’s a small collection of photos taken in the same general setting, probably prior to Sugar’s mother’s birth. But where are they taken?



scan0023 (3)


scan0023 (2)

scan0023 (2)


Edward is the boy in the sailor suit. He was born about 1904, so if he is 10, then Sugar’s mother would be about 1, so this could be Switzerland.

Any thoughts?

The Gold Mine in the Closet: More Photos

January 14, 2015

Sugar informed my that he had found more photos.

I’m not even finished with the last go-round, so, really, how many more photos could there be? Ten? Fifteen?

How about ten or fifteen stacks?

Two evenings ago, I spent time with his photos and his scanner. It took 28 scans, each scan with two to six photos per scan.

It looks like I’ll have to start more posts dedicated to just one item, like Sugar’s mother or the twins, where I can add more photos as I find them. (I thought that there were no more “twin” photos, but time have once again proven me wrong.) As it goes with many things in my life, I start with one plan at organizing and it evolves as it goes, thus explaining all the plastic totes that aren’t being used.

My favorite of all is this one of Sugar’s grandmother, Mary “Leslie” Basinger Lawton in Switzerland, probably in the early 1900’s.

I start with the scan that has the photo that I want to crop out.

First I copy the scan in the computer program in order to make enough duplicates so that when I crop each photo out, I still have a copy to work with, and I don’t have to revert back to the original each time, thus losing my crop work. Kind of like, save your work. (My families were agrarian. I can’t imagine explaining to my father, and his father, etc., that I’m working with the crops.)

scan0015 (2)


Now that I’ve cropped out the image I want, leaving generous margins, I straighten the photo. Sometimes, when I want to watermark my original photos, I’ll open each with Paint, and add the watermark, and SAVE it.

Here’s my finished item.


These ladies just upped the bar for the rest of us.