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The Diamonds in the Mailbox: Or Now We Have A Problem

November 15, 2014

Sugar has just received a package of Diamonds in the Mailbox.

See what you think.

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This is the family of Richard H. Bateson, 1823-1908ish.  Present are his 4 daughters, 2 sons-in-law, and one granddaughter.  His four sons, Sugar’s great-grandfather being one of them and already in the United States, are not present.  This photo comes to us from Sugar’s cousin who has quite his own treasure trove.  The photo was already labeled, so I do not expand upon that here.

Back row:  

Possibly the husband of Florence Amelia Bateson, an unnamed Humphreys, who is a major.

Mary Jane (Polly) Bateson, who married Arthur Widdows.  They had two sons, Manley and Jeff, and went to the United States.

Richard Holgate Bateson, the patriarch of this group.  Do you remember the Christopher R. Bateson family group, that died in Savannah, Georgia, and Sugar had their graves marked this summer? BROTHERS.  Richard Holgate Bateson and Christopher Remington Bateson were brothers.

Clara Beatrice Bateson – never married.

Florence Amelia (Florrie) Bateson, who married the Humphreys man in the photo.  They had a daughter Dorothy (Talbot), and two sons, Frank and Brian.

Front row:

Susan Ada Bateson, never married.  The photo caption says she was “sickly”.

The next person may be Edith, a Humphreys daughter.

And lastly, probably Major Arthur Widdows, the husband of Mary Jane (Polly) Bateson.

And a copy of the original unedited photo.  Y'all, I've had to buy a new scanner/copier.  The old one couldn't keep up.

And a copy of the original unedited photo. Y’all, I’ve had to buy a new scanner/copier. The old one couldn’t keep up.

I’m going to have to quit my day job.