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The Revolutionary War File of John Burgess

September 22, 2016

Oh, these pension files will not let me be.

Maybe 20 years ago, after I found a Revolutionary War ancestor for my mother, I was determined to find one for my father. I decided to take the clever, easy route, and order up some pension files.

So, ummmm, not clever OR easy. And certainly not helpful. But yet, the detail, oh, the detail.

So even though John Burgess is not mine, or at least, I can’t prove that he is, here’s his pension file.

Somebody, somewhere, might need this.



North Carolina

John Burgess

of Cathan in the State of N. Car

who was a pri in the (blank) 

by Captain (blank) of the Regt

by Col. Collier in the *No Car

line for 9 months.

*N. C. Mil.

Records corrected May 9, 1905


Inscribed on the Roll of No. Carolina

at the rate of 30. Dollars — Cents per annum

to commence on the 4th day of March, 1831.


Certificate of Pension issued the 7th day of Oct. 3?

St. Lawrence P. O. and ??? M. S. Gutherie


Arrears to the 4th of Sept 1833              

  • 75

Semi-anl. allowance ending Mar: 34    

  • 15




Revolutionary Claim

Act June 7, 1832.

Recorded by C. ???? Rice — Clerk

Book E      Vol. 6 1/2     Page 46.





State of N. Carolina

Randolph County

This day came William Burgess

of said county before me

David Campbell Esqr one of the acting justises in

and for said county and maid oath that John

Burgess of Chatham County was Drafted and served

three, three months long as one of the militia of

this state in the Revolutionary Servis. Sworn to

and subscribed this 11th of May 1833.

William Burgess


D. Campbell J.P.


State of No Carolina

Randolph County

This day came John

Kivett Snr before me

David Campbell Esqr one of the acting justises

in and for said County and maid Oath that

he is well acquainted with John Burgess and

William and that they are men of Good Credit

and ought to be due Credit Given their

oaths and has good reasons to believe that

John Burgess did serve the above named servis

in the Revolution War. Sworn to and subscribed

this 11th of May 1833.

John (his X mark) Kivett Snr

D. Campbell J. P.


And I the said David Campbell Certify that

William Burgess and John Kivitt Snr who have

sworn to the foregoing depositions are ery old men

and that due faith and Credit is due their state

-ment. Given under my hand this 11th of May 1833.

D. Campbell J. P.


He was drafted 3 times, and during one draft, he guarded prisoners from King’s Mountain.

It appears that he generally served around Salisbury and Charlotte, North Carolina. My Burgess line comes from North Carolina, and John Burgess comes from North Carolina, and yet? No match, because I can only prove Burgess names back to about 1840.

So? Who wants this John Burgess?