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So Much To Say, So Little Time

February 28, 2012

There’s so much animal news, and so little time. 

Some sad, some troublesome, and some hopeful.

On the sad front, I haven’t written about Jopty the Gerbil’s demise, Alice the Cat’s demise, and Gladys the Guinea Pig’s downhill slide that will probably end later this week. 

Troublesome news, as always, regards the springtime, or in this case, the unseasonably warm weather, causing cats and dogs to go into hormonal happiness.  Surging hormones once again brings roaming, yowling, fighting, attacks, and unnatural accidents, as we might refer to as “HBC”, or “Hit By Car”. 

A bit hopeful means that animal people are acting to resolve animal welfare issues.  Like shelters cooperating together to get appropriate treatment for animals, transports to relocate adoptable animals to new areas that have openings for new adoptees, and people working together to get aid for animals that need help.  There’s a case of galloping demodectic mange that has turned very problematic, and I hope to get aid to the animal before the owners, mere children, get evicted and slip away into the night.

So there you see that it’s not for a lack of topics that I haven’t been writing, but for lack of focus and hope.