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The Polaroid Land Color Picture

March 23, 2018

Here’s a photo of my mother with her friend Irma Young Jaques. Irma also happened to be my godmother.

Mom wrote on the front:

“Evelyn Ruth Packett Rawls (left)

Irma Jean Jacques dear friend from


but that is not actually how Irma spelled her last name. It is “Jaques”. JAY-kwiss.

Mom & Irma0001

It appears that these ladies were out and about in Knoxville, and stopped to have their photo made with this new-fangled system called Polaroid.

The photo came with its own little frame made out of cardstock. If you opened up the card, you found this…

Mom & Irma0002


Now, here’s where things get fun. Mom and Irma wrote on the back side as to where they were and when the photo was made.

Mom & Irma0003

THIS POLAROID LAND COLOR PICTURE was developed in a minute. All the photographer had to do was snap the picture and pull the tab. The full-color image developed automatically, accomplishing in one step and a minute what takes many steps and many minutes in any elaborately equipped darkroom for conventional color prints.

POLACOLOR PICTURES can be made in nearly all existing Polaroid Land cameras All models made before August 1963 use the roll film format. The new Polaroid Color Pack Camera, introduced on that date, uses pack film. Both kinds of cameras produce color pictures in a minute, black and white pictures in 10 seconds.

COLOR COPIES AND ENLARGEMENTS of this picture are available from Polaroid Copy Service. Just use the order form enclosed in any box of Polacolor film. Send the picture and order to Polaroid Copy Service, Box 150, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139.

Across the top, in Irma’s handwriting:

June 30


Millers on Henley

Across the bottom, in Mom’s handwriting:

Evelyn Ruth Packett Rawls age 47

Mom and Dad’s anniversary was on June 30. So this means on this Wednesday, June 30, 1965, she and Irma went to Millers Department Store in Knoxville. I don’t have any memory of this, and I suppose that LilSis and I were at Mom’s mother’s house for the day. Mom rarely did anything special for herself, and I suspect that Irma wanted to do something special for Mom, knowing that Dad wouldn’t have planned anything. Remember, they don’t buy the Ford tractor for 2 more years…