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December 7, 1890: Lenoir City, Rich Placer of Mineral

May 13, 2018

From GenealogyBank: the Daily Journal and Journal and Tribune, 12/7/1890, Knoxville, Tennessee, Volume VI, Issue 284, Page 13.

Rich Placer of Mineral, 1890



Rich Placer of Mineral.


New Hotel Plans–Large Brick Business Block–Northern Capitalist Making Investments.


The agricultural editor of the Cincinnati Commercial Gazette, in a recent article on the subject of fine estates in this country, wrote as follows

“There are farms in the west as worthy of notice as that of Col. Young, of Pennsylvania. But the finest farm we ever saw on this continent was that of the Lenoirs, in Eastern Tennessee, near the crossing of the Holston by the E. T., V. & railway, of which the following story is told:

When Gen. Burnside, of Rhode Island, was making, in 1863, his memorable march through East Tennessee, with the union army, he camped at Lenoir several days. So great was the abundance of provisions he found there, so productive the soil, so attractive the locality, so picturesque the scenery, so superb the climate, that he decided to make an effort to purchase the estate.On inquiry of Mr. Israel P. Lenoir, the venerable head of the family, what the would take for the entire Lenoir estate, Mr. Lenoir replied: “General it would take considerable boot to get us to swap it for the stte of Rhode Island.”

There are nearly 4,000 acres in the farm, of unexcelled productiveness. A wealthy syndicate purchased it recently, and have laid out a city there, locating a railroad westwardly to the Cincinnati Southern, near Harriman.

This is the splendid estate where are now being laid the foundations for one of the most promising manufacturing cities in the south. It lies in the lap of the rich Tennessee river valley, where the Little Tennessee with its abundant waters will pour into the great river and railway arteries the riches of lumber and iron which as yet rest undisturbed on the hillsides and valleys for hundreds of miles along the main stream and its tributaries and lie hidden in the bowels of the mountains, a placer of mineral more valuable than gold. The site of this city of Lenoir cannot be surpassed for manufacturing purposes, having such vast richness of wood and mineral at its doors and the favor of the greatest railway system in the country back of it and determined to make it go.

Quite a number of capitalists from the north have been here this week prospecting for future enterprises. A large party from Upper Sandusky, Delaware and Marion, O., are now here and are greatly pleased with what they see and propose to invest.

The plans for the new hotel are out and Mr. R. Z. Gill, the architect, is to be congratulated on one of the prettiest inns that has been planned in the south. Contracts will be let immediately and work to begin at once.

Hon. G. W. Webber, ex-member of congress, from Michigan is here and arranging for extensive investments, and the establishment of a big lumber plant. Mr. Webber is one of the heavy weights of the Wolverine state and his identification with this city is another evidence of the strength of its position. It is a place where capital sees it safe to take hold.

The company’s new office building will soon be erected, probably at the intersection of Kingston and Broadway.

The contractors were this week given the detail drawings of the handsome new brick block which Sanford, Chamberlain & Albers are to build on Broadway.

Negotiations are pending which, if consummated, will give Lenoir’s a send off such as no city in all the list of new places has ever witnessed.

The Lenoir Company’s former office is now the Lenoir City Museum. I was there last September. Remember?