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June 16, 2019

My friend Lynda makes amazing jewelry designs. Her Etsy shop is DivaDesignsInc. The basis of her items is Scottish tartan-based pieces. If you are immersed in watching or reading Outlander, as I am lately, you will be especially interested where you might not have been so inclined before falling in love with 18th century Scottish history.

Lynda also make specialty pieces, and she has a theme revolving around Women in History. I bought several of these Harriet Tubman pieces for some of my researcher friends.

It occurred to me that, if Lynda can create these, can’t she create a custom order for me? So I asked her, and I sent her 2 photos of my grandmother Ruth.


About age 16 perhaps, in 1910


My grandmother Ruth holding my mother Evelyn, about 1918, at Old Gray Cemetery in Knoxville, Tennessee

Here’s what Lynda created for me…

These made me absolutely weepy with delight. I’m not an emotional sort, but there are things, several things that are unrelated except that I am in the center watching things unfold, happening beyond my control that have conspired to make me melancholy.

These brooches cheer me up. Thank you, Lynda!

Perhaps you need cheering up, too. Get in touch with Lynda. Click on her Etsy link at the top of the post.

A New Project

August 27, 2017

The contents of the cart reveal a new and exciting creation. 

No, people, I’m not making cat food quiche or dog food trail mix. The clue is the wax paper. 

My friend Lynda, who just happens to be Sugar’s cousin, has a clever little Etsy shop that features Scottish tartan jewelry. I ordered some jewelry from her for several Christmas presents, and the gifts arrived in these adorable little paper packets. Lynda makes the gift envelopes from vintage papers sandwiched between wax paper layers and then zig-zag stitched together. 

I was in love with this idea. I actually felt guilty that I was getting so much for my money. The item I purchased plus? An amazing gift holder. Lynda did all the work for me. 

I wondered if I could figure out how she did it. But you can see that now it is August, and I haven’t done anything more than wonder. 

Suddenly Lynda’s shop “Diva Designs” had the very tutorial that I needed offered for sale. It’s only ten dollars, people! Ten. Dollars. 

Even I have ten dollars. 

After the instant download, I realized that I needed some supplies, like wax paper, hemp cord, and something called Washi tape. Your friendly WalMart should have these items. At least mine did. 

Note: HEMP cord, which has nothing to do with cannabis, or the possibly pronunciation of Washy tape (was-high). 

I suppose you are thinking that it is sad that my kitchen set-up lacks wax paper. But I’ll bet that if your kitchen has wax paper, it has probably been there since the last century. I wonder how long wax paper lasts? Yours is probably still good. I won’t judge you if it’s not. 

I have downsized so much that I don’t have any old books that I could tear pages out of. Don’t be shocked about the page removal part. Who is going to miss a page out of a dictionary? That’s what Lynda uses, in addition to any other vintage-looking book that you could pick-up at a yard sale or thrift store. 

I found an old cookbook. If I don’t have wax paper, you can rightly guess that I am not doing any farmhouse cooking. 

I couldn’t find my button stash, so have a look at the first few that I made, pre-buttons. 

I had ordered some photo cards from VistaPrint a few weeks back, but had no way to give them away as a little gift, and I supposed a legal sheet of paper might be the solution. I had an old DAR record that became an experiment. 

This was actually perfect. It can hold up to 6 sets of 5×7 cards and envelopes. 

I located the button stash. 

A bonus recipe with this one.

So go see my friend Lynda at “Diva Designs” at Her tutorial is like Gift Envelopes for Dummies. I’m living proof. 😸