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Slow Edisto

April 27, 2015

We’re on Edisto Island at the Ernest F. Hollingsworth ACE Basin National Wildlife Refuge. And we’ve spotted a rice trunk.


There’s an excellent resource here about the history of rice planting in the area. The resource mentions the rice trunks, which is essentially a device to control the flow and height of water in the field, which is so important in rice production. From what I can gather, there are four basic components in the topography: fields, canals, trunks, and dikes.

In the photo below, you can see the control gates on the left and right. There’s a storyboard coming up later with illustrations as to how this system works.



The gate on the left…


And on the right… (Sugar is added for scale and local color.)

Then the wetlands beyond. Sugar is off to the right in the photo below, and he was starting to do the “impatient dance”, like a child that needs to interrupt. He kept calling me, but I kept taking photos, because today was a photo-experiment-day, taking photos with both the digital camera and the iPhone. Then he said a word that got my attention…



The word was “Gator”.

Oh, no, you did not…