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Batesons United By Death, Part 2: The Preparation

May 20, 2015

So Walter is coming to town.

We start corresponding by email, but Sugar and I have no idea what he looks like. We learn that he and his wife will be in town for a few days, and I get some time off from work. Because Batesons.

They’re coming in 3 weeks. *Gulp*


We worry and fret for three weeks until the day comes when we meet.

It was perfectly fine. Blog friends, it was fabulous.

We decided to all go for lunch, and Sugar suggested we go to a cafe which is on Congress, across from where the Christopher Remington Bateson family had their toy shop and residence.


And because we are so close to Christ Church, we circled the square and took a photo of the church where the Bateson family went to church. Thomas Bateson most probably met his future wife Martha Mann there.


Then it was time to travel to meet the Batesons at Laurel Grove Cemetery.


IMG_7735 IMG_7736

Can you tell that these fellows are related? They are almost exactly the same age, and look like they planned their wardrobe based on what the other was wearing.