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One Foot in the Grave: In Which I Meet Thomas Oregon Lawton

January 20, 2016

I have issues. 

Y’all know this, generally speaking. But I have an issue with my left knee. 

It hurts. And sometimes it locks up and does not work. At all. My solution has been pain relievers and knee wraps. They do not help. They are lying liars in the help department. 

This has been going on for a few months. I’m getting old, and the warranty has expired on my parts. I accept this. 

But it still hurts and I whine a bit. Arthritis runs in the family. That, and occasional whining. 


So a Sugar and I are limping around Lawtonville Cemetery. Well, I’m limping, and he’s saying, “Are you okay? Can you walk?”, because sometimes I must be giving off a pitiful vibe. 

We’ve just left the central Lawton plot, and he wants to head over to the last few Lawton markers for Thomas Oregon “Tommy” Lawton and his parents, Thomas Oregon and his wife Alexania Easterling Lawton. 

I head over to take a photo of Tommy’s father’s stone. 

So I’m standing at the foot of the full-sized flat, ground-level marker for Tommy’s father, with Tommy’s mother to the right, and I walk between the two markers to photograph more detail. 

That’s when something pulled my left foot into the grave all the way up to my knee. I fell forward on my other knee and hands. 

My left leg was in an animal burrow, and gravity had pulled me inwhen the ground cover wasn’t enough to support my weight. 

There was momentary confusion and squealing while I tried to figure out why I was being pulled into a grave. When I pulled my leg out of the hole, and saw that it was a burrow, and not a remake of “Carrie”, I stood up and realized that I could bend my knee without difficulty and with minimal pain. 


Standing up now and looking back.

There was a disconcerting amount of animal burrows hidden just under the ground cover. I managed to skitter over them and finish taking the photos. 

It was chiropractic mojo at its finest. 

Thanks, T. O.!!