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The Three Little Pigs

December 3, 2011

Once upon a time there were three little pigs.  Or something like that.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that Sugar bought a grooming business earlier this year, and that BabyBoy is the groomer.  And you’ll know that Gladys the Guinea Pig, who used to live in a cage on my RV dashboard or on the bed compartment over the driver and passenger seats, went to live at the grooming business.  And you’ll also know that there are two cats, Errol and Car E., living there also, sharing a room with Gladdie.

Last Sunday, I noticed that there was a watery red substance in Gladys’s hiding place, a large white piece of plumbing pipe.  I supposed that Gladys had a urinary tract infection, and Sugar offered to take her to the doctor the next day.

So on Monday he went to the grooming business, let the cats out of their room to stretch their legs, got a cat crate to put Gladys in for transport, set the crate on the floor with the crate door open (this is your first hint), and attempted to corral Gladys in her cage.  She never wants to be corralled, and she skitters about, slinging wood shavings and sometimes squealing her adorable high-pitched squeal.

Sugar finally trapped her in his hands and popped her into the crate and closed the crate door.  He looked around and saw Car E. still in the room, but didn’t see Errol, so he went through the entire business looking for him.  That’s about 2000 square feet and 13 rooms to search, so it was a quick hunt with no luck.  He was anxious to get on his way, and he went back into the cat room, and there was Errol (this is your second hint).

He was in the crate with Gladys the Guinea Pig, side by side, both looking out at Sugar.

I attempted to recreate the scene for photo opportunities, but the kids would not cooperate.

So, here goes nothing.  You can hover your mouse over any image on the slideshow, and the controls will appear to stop, go back, or go forward.

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