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The Blackswamp Academy, 1818

June 8, 2019

Robertville, South Carolina, was a bustling little village. The citizens created a school in 1818, that they called the Blackswamp Academy. Today you might see Blackswamp written as “Black Swamp”, but it is one and the same. The early gravestones mention that a person might be a member of Blackswamp Church, which is the present-day Robertville Baptist.

From the South Carolina Department of Archives and History’s Research and Genealogy webpage comes this document…

Blackswamp Academy 1818-1849 P1

To the Hon. the Senate & House of Representatives of the State of South Carolina the Petition of the undersigned Sheweth

That in the year one thousand eight hundred & eighteen a number of the Citizens of Blackswamp in Beaufort District of the State aforesaid erected at considerable cost a substantial & convenient building which they located in Robertville in said District, & dedicated to the purpose of education under the name of “The Blackswamp Academy”

That is said building many youths of both sexes have been educated & it is still held by your Petitioners for its original purpose.

That an Act of incorporation was granted said Academy by the Legislature in December Eighteen hundred & eighteen to continue in force for twenty one years & to the end of the next Session of the Legislature, which has not since be renewed.

That by Virtue of Said Act the “Blackswamp Academy” was entitled to hold any estates real & personal to the value of twenty thousand dollars together with other privileges usually granted to similar institutions, for a knowledge of which we respectfully refer you to the act itself in Printed Acts page 52.

That public protica has been given of the intention of the undersigned to apply for a renewal of the Act of incorporation at your present Session, as will appear by the enclosed advertisements with the certificates attached thereto.

Your Petitioners therefore respectfully request your honorable body to pass an Act during your present Session renewing the Act of incorporation of said Blackswamp Academy with the privileges granted by the Act of 1818, & that John S. Maner, Alex. J. Lawton, B. R. Bostick, J. J. Robert, R. G. Norton, I. A. E. Chovin & John R. Bostick be named as Trustees thereof.

And your Petitioners will ever pray.

Robertville, So Ca

19 November 1849

B R Bostick

Jas J Robert

Isaac A. E. Chovin

Robt G. Norton

Alexr. J. Lawon.

John S. Maner

Wm. Jno Lawton

Tho. H. Harris



Petition of the Blackswamp Academy for renewal of charter


M Peterson


Blackswamp Academy 1818-1849 P3

Blackswamp Academy

Publick notice is hereby given that the Subscribers, members of Blackswap Academy, intend to apply to the Legislature at its next Session for a renewal of the Act of Incorporation of Said Academy with the same or additional privileges as granted in former Act of incorporation.

Blackswamp, SC 30th June 1849

John S. Maner

Alexander J. Lawton

B. R. Bostick

John R. Bostick

Winborn A. Lawton

James Jehu Robert

Robert G. Norton

Isaac A. E. Chovin

Tristam Verstille

Thos H. Harris We the Subscribers do hereby Certify that the above Notice has been posted in a conspicuous place in the Court House passage at Gillisonville since about the

30 June 1849


of Nov 1849

Wm Youmans (illegible)

H. Goethe

(illegible – possibly says he is the sheriff of Beaufort District)