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A Letter to Colin McDonald: September 8, 1970

February 2, 2015

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Letter returned by

post office marked “not

at this address”

11 Edgehill Road

Glen Cove, N.Y. 11542

September 8, 1970

Mr. Colin McDonald

122 Marine Parade


Western Australia

Dear Mr. McDonald:

I have been remiss in delaying so long in thanking you

for the photograph of my grandfather, Charles E. Bateson, taken

about 1872 in New Orleans, which you so thoughtfully enclosed

with your letter of September 12, 1968. It is indeed very kind

of you to let me have it.

Your letter was written from London, but did not make

clear how long you planned to stay, although other statements

in the letter made it appear that your stay might be an extended

one.  Not being sure where to address you now, I am sendingcopies

of this letter both to your address in Western Australia as I have

it from 1965, and to the address care of The Bank of Adelaide in

London which appears on your letter.

The immediate impetus which has jogged me to writing is

a letter from another relative from the Bateson side of my family,

this one in fact named Bateson – Walter John Bateson. I am en-

closing a copy of a letter dated June 23, 1970, which W. J. Bateson

wrote to Mrs. E. Farrar Bateson. You will recall that it was Mrs. E. F.

Bateson to whom you wrote in 1965, resulting (at her request)

in my July 25, 1965 letter to you. Also enclosed are copies of the

enclosures to W. J. Bateson’s letter, and of my reply dated today.

From the reply, you will see that I have taken the liberty of send-

ing him copies of my 1965 letter to you and of the two letter

(referred to in that letter) which you wrote to Mrs. E. F. Bateson.

It seems to me that you and W. J. Bateson might like to be in

touch with each other directly, if you are not already. Sending

each of you copies of correspondence in which I have participated

should help accomplish that end.

In your letter under reply, you mentioned the possibility

of sending along some notes on material as to Bateson family history

which you had in hand. Such notes would be of great assistance and

interest not only to me, but also surely to W. J. Bateson and others

of the family in this country and elsewhere. Your letter also noted

hopes of writing a record of your forebears in Australia, including

the Batesons. Have circumstances permitted the furthering of this

project? It would be another valuable contribution.

I sincerely hope that I can look forward to hearing from

you further, either directly or by copy of any communication with

which you may favor W. J. Bateson or others on matters pertaining

to the Bateson family.

Finally, I do hope that your eyes have been holding up, and

that in all other respects this letter finds you well, or at least in

good spirits.


Cousin Douglas



A Letter from Colin McDonald: December 1, 1970

February 1, 2015

A letter from the package of Diamonds in Sugar’s Mailbox…

The transcription follows.

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G.P.O. BOX B54,
23 2416


c/o Ms. D. Moore,
3 Lindsey Flats,
Jameson Avenue East
Salisbury, Rhodesia.
December 1, 1970.
Dear Cousin Douglas,
Owing to the trouble
with my eyes I have not yet sent you
the promised details about the Batesons
in Australia.
I am now on my way back to
Australia by air by way of South Africa
after visiting England.
At the moment I am staying with
Bateson cousins in Rhodesia and will
be flying down to Johannesburg in a couple
of days’ time to stay with cousins there.
From Johannesburg I fly back to
Australia by way of Mauritius arriving
at Perth on Friday December 11.
On my arrival in Salisbury I
received a letter from cousin Walter
in Ontario asking for details about
the Batesons in Africa and Australia.
After my visit to Johannesburg I
shall be able to tell you both more about
the Batesons in both places.
It may take a little time to collate
all the facts but I shall let you have
them as soon as I can.
When I get home I shall also let
you have a note on the Batesons past
and present in Australia.
In the meantime as I have told
Walter I am being kept pretty busy – at 41 years
of age! – seeing the varied sights of Africa!
The most magnificent sight of all
of course has been the truly wonderful
Victoria Falls.
With best wishes to you and
your family for Christmas and the
New Year.
Yours sincerely,
Colin McDonald
Colin McDonald.
Please address letters to me at the
Weld Club where I now live
when I am in Perth.