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Sarah Robert Lawton: 1755-1839

April 18, 2017

I’ve written about “Our Grandmother” before. That post was a transcription of the first Lawton reunion. 

Today, I have some updated resources, at least, updated to me. Perhaps you knew of the online resources at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Imagine my amazement when I searched for Lawton, Robert, Mosse, and Rawls, and found documents and plats. I haven’t been able to pull my head out of the records. 

I emailed the email link to ask about sharing those images here on this little hobby blog that is not for profit. I have not heard back from them, even though it has been a week, and I suspect that there could possibly be budget issues that have eliminated positions, if not people, who would be monitoring such a situation. Just conjecture on my part. If they get back to me, and tell me to remove the images, then I will, but since this is not for profit and I have identified where the images came from, I think I’m covered. If I’m not, someone will tell me. 

Today, our feature is Sarah Robert Lawton. 

Now, how amazing is that Sugar and I got to gaze upon this original oil painting?! This is in a private home

After we saw this, I started poking around the internet a bit and found the Archives and History site. Look who was a landowner at age 18…

These are screenshots. When you click on “View all index terms”, you get this:

I see a few flaws. The index terms say James Lawton, but the original plat says “Joseph Lawton”, and it is noted that he is married to Sarah Robert recently. (Someone remarked that I can nitpick. It’s okay; it’s true. I screw up all the time, particularly when I don’t nitpick.)

Quite a bonus of info there. An Elias Robert is noted, and it is believed that Sarah had a brother named Elias, which bears further research on my part. Elias Robert was a surveyor, so perhaps further poking around will provide concrete proof that he was indeed Sarah’s brother. 

Part of Sarah’s land borders Joseph’s land. The rest of her property borders on “Vacant Land”. 

This, of course, leads us to wonder more about how a young 18-year-old woman came to own property in early Granville County, South Carolina in 1773. 

So if you see me out-and-about looking thoughtful, I’m probably thinking about Sarah “AheadOfHerTime” Robert Lawton. She needs her own hashtag. 

I’ll be back after I transcribe.