Senseless Saturday

Today was a work day for me, albeit a short one.  The veterinarian’s office is open half-day on Saturday twice each month.  We’ve been under new ownership for almost a year, and the new owners decided early on to be open twice per month, oh, let’s say the 1st and 3rd of the month.  This casual decision caused momentary consternation for several months last year because of the holidays that fell early in the month, like Easter and 4th of July, or later in the month like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Clients aren’t going to be flocking to the open vet’s door because they are celebrating, or drinking, or boating, or some other activity not dog and cat related.  This year started off with a bang with the 1st Saturday of the month being New Year’s Day.  Can you say shift the schedule again?

So I’ve spent most of the afternoon knitting, or should I say un-knitting?  I started three projects, and unraveled all three due to operator error.  (When knitting a circular project, it is important to “join. without. twisting.”  Whatever.  That led to some general muttering and stamping of feet, and I found myself in the shed, digging about in Rubbermaid totes, when I found her.  Grandma.  She was in the shed.

Ruth Webb Packett, 1894-1984


I apologized profusely to her.  There’s no telling how long she’s been in the tote.  Glad I brought her in.  It’s going to be cold tonight.


6 Responses to “Senseless Saturday”

  1. In Which I Manage to Confuse Myself (Again) « Ruthrawls's Blog Says:

    […] Yesterday I wrote an interesting post (or so I thought). My usual methodology for posting consists of clicking a certain button in a certain place to get the blank template for writing the post. I saw another box on the opposite side of the page that looked like I could click it and achieve the same thing. So I did. And now I can’t find the post. Turns out I clicked “new page” not “new post”. I don’t know what a new page is but if this link works you should be able to read yesterday’s post today. Sort of an opposite of tomorrow’s technology today. I think, if this works, that it will be like when you click on a link and it takes you to a page that you cannot access in any other way. I think. We’ll see. By now it might be tomorrow so this will be a link to a page from two days ago, even though I’m still up. Maybe later I’ll say “Ta-Dah!” Maybe not. Try this. […]


  2. Kariann Says:

    What a special find!

    We have given up on knitting lessons around here for now. I hope we can restart someday.


  3. Leo Says:

    So now Grandma is cozying up to the hot Canadian? You best be careful, she looks like she’d be formidable competition.


  4. Becky Says:

    I always thought this was a lovely picture, and the jewelry especially would catch my eye every time. I think cousin Diane looks so much like Grandma. 🙂


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