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Feral Grayson, 9-20-10

September 20, 2010

Last evening I set the cat trap and monitored it.  Mr. Grayson was gracious enough to go into the trap about 7 PM.  I covered the trap with an old towel and went about my business.

This morning, I took a couple photos of the wildlife camera.  But on the way to the cat station to take photos and pick up Grayson, I saw the mother cat and two of her babies running wildly away at my approach.  There was also another fluffy black cat, I believe one named Bobby, that I have not seen in months, so I was looking forward to seeing the wildlife camera videos on them. 

But there was nothing on the memory chip.  Not enough motion or perhaps not close enough to trigger the  mechanism.

Oh.  well.  Here’s the setup in the woods.

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Mr. Raccoon Makes An Appearance, 9/11/2010

September 15, 2010

My friend Maria is a wildlife rehabber.  She takes care of injured and/or orphaned animals and birds until they can be released safely.  One summer when she was living a few miles from me, she released several dozen raccoons, and she thinks that some of the raccoon action at the cat feeding station in the woods came from her foster raccoons. 

So, now every time I see a raccoon on the wildlife camera videos, I think of Maria.  And here is a raccoon video that I made for Maria on the event of her birthday, September 11.

Catcatcher Corner

September 10, 2010

Now, I realize that there are important things to blog about, like finishing the LawtonFest posting (as if THAT were possible), or the fact that Newdo destroyed most of a cardboard box, or Jopty Gerbil’s tryout video for Dancing With The Stars.

Jopty: "This version of Rodent Riverdance should really wow the judges."

 But something just happened that is so adorable that all other stories must wait.  First, some history.

About 3 weeks ago, I set the cat trap one evening.  I returned to the trap after dark to find a cat in the trap, his markings looking much like Marcellene but without an ear tip.  I left him in the trap overnight, covered with a large towel for security.

The next morning, I removed the towel and examined the cat more closely.  A vet told me once that she could tell whether an adult cat was a male or female by looking at their face.  She explained that the male hormones cause the cheeks to become “cheekier” and the neck and shoulders to become larger.  The cat in the trap had a slender face and enormous green eyes, and her gray marbled coloring and bright eyes made quite a striking combination. 

The cat looked back at me, but made no attempt to harm me.  I covered the trap back up with the towel, and when I lifted the trap, she thrashed about wildly, but to no avail, like a butterfly caught in a net.  She was distressed, and I set the trap back down on the ground.  I looked at her rear end pressed up against the trap, and tried to look to be sure that the vet’s advice was true, and that she was indeed a female.  I couldn’t be sure, but then I saw something peeking out from her fur on her belly.  It was the nipple of an enlarged mammary gland, and then this cat did something that convinced me to let her out of the trap.  She rolled on her side and showed me her tummy.  The hair around every nipple was flattened and dried in place from the nursings of her kittens.  She was a mother, and she had babies still so young that they needed to nurse, and they had been alone all night without her. 

I opened the trap, and she ran away into the woods, somewhere beyond to her children.

Okay, that was about 3 weeks ago, and since then I’ve looked at the wildlife videos, and I recognized this same mother eating frequently at the cat station.  And tonight, who showed up at the feeding station? 

A UFO Visits the Cat Station

August 29, 2010

On 7/24/10 at 3:35 AM, something unexplainable happens at the cat station.  Watch the quick little 30 second video and explain to me what the little bubble is, near the end of the video. 

I have a friend who has taken flash photography at night, and there are circular “bubbles” in her photos.  I tried it myself, and I was able to photograph the same phenomena at night.  This is the first time I’ve seen it on video. 

Simba?  LilSis?  CrazyCatWoman?  TeamDeno?  Can anyone ‘splain this?

Wildlife Camera, Night Ten, Raccoon & Cat

July 24, 2010

On July 24, 2010, at 2:31 AM, Mr. Raccoon comes to dine while Ms. Cat enjoys the penthouse view.

And 18 minutes later at 2:49 AM…

The wire dog crate is in front of the fence where the dogs went over.  Hope to block the little buggers until I get a better fence system.

Wildlife Camera, Night Nine

July 24, 2010

I just don’t know what to say, except…. I’ve got to get a bigger boat.

Remember that scene in Jaws when the shark rams the boat and Richard Dreyfuss and the star guy, the one that’s afraid of the water, get shaken up?  And the star guy, what’s his name, goes pale and mutters something about “got to get a bigger boat.”  Because the boat they are in is obviously not adequate for the action it’s getting.  When I went into the woods this morning, the gate to the cat station was not latched (because I’m a forgetful old moron), yet the fencing was bent down a bit in two places.

Sugar and I went on a LawtonFest today.  I resisted getting the chip out of the camera because I knew that I’d just sit at the computer and pore over crazy cat action in the hood and then I’d be late for LawtonFest.  So I took the little SD card and the laptop, because I really needed them at the coffee shop library.  We were sitting in the Sentient Bean having a yummy late breakfast, all healthy and such, and we started viewing the videos, and I almost had a heart attack.  Well, not a real heart attack, just a mental heart attack.  Three dogs got into the cat station last night and ate most of the food.  These dogs were so dumb they climbed over the fence to get in and out, even though the gate was open.  Big, dumb, not-neutered, mangy, hungry dogs.  The biggest one, a German Shepherd, stood with his back to the camera, and it was painfully aware to the viewer that he was not neutered.  After he ate his fill of cat food, he stood there in a food-induced stupor, swaying a bit, and then burped.  He probably still has gas from that meal. 

After I got back from the LawtonFest, I had to finish a powerpoint presentation for tomorrow, so I didn’t get the SD card back into the camera, and the fence repaired, and the feeders refilled, until dark.  Making plans for a bigger boat fence. 

Sugar says to just put out dog food.

Mr. Wildlife Camera

July 22, 2010

Our friend Mr. Wildlife Camera, hanging out in the woods.

Typical guy, just hanging out, waiting for some action, hoping to video some “Cats Gone Wild”. 

Sylvia: "If he wants to pick up some cats at this watering hole, he needs to show up with a wallet full of cash, a personality, and some cat chow."

Wildlife Camera, Night Eight, Two-Cat Drama

July 22, 2010

Last year, I released two cats into my colony area.  These two cats came from another colony many miles away that was being disbanded because their caretaker was moving to another state.  I’m still in touch with the caretaker (Hi Linda!), and she always asks if I have seen “Mommy and Daddy”.  And I always have to say, no, I have not.  It’s sad for her to think that they might be lost in the big world, and are they still together, and do they miss her.  I just have to believe that the cats are fine, that they are out and about together in the big world, and that everything will be okay. 

This morning, two cats showed up on video at the redesigned cat station.  And I personally think that these are the two cats that have not been seen since their release in May 2009.  Only Linda will know for sure…

Wildlife Camera, Night Seven, Video Starring Rocky Raccoon

July 21, 2010

I think there are two, if not three, raccoons in the ‘hood.  Time will tell.

The first sighting at 3:22 AM, on July 21, 2010…

And later, at 3:50 AM…

Wildlife Camera, Night Seven, Video Starring Sylvia

July 21, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, I reset the camera from still shot to video.  The camera recorded 3 videos of cats feeding during the daytime.  Then last night the camera recorded at least 10 videos.  I was not able to put any of them on the blog because I will need to purchase a video upgrade, which got me to thinking, maybe I can upload a video to and link them to the blog that way.

Well, I am pleased to report that it takes a long time to upload even one video to youtube.  But I did it.  And now I will attempt to provide the first ever nighttime video of the cat house in the hood.  It’s really not much to see, but it represents the tip of the iceberg in terms of what I can learn to do. 

And right now I’m attempting to upload Rocky Raccoon to youtube, and boy, is it a slow go.  Perhaps more of that later, but now, I’m. Gonna. Be. Late. For. Work. Again.