Estate Notes of James Clark, July 20, 1750

This brings us back to William Lawton, the progenitor of that group of Lawtons that I write about. He is reported to be from England, but there are no known documents that say from where. Family history says he is from Cheshire County.

William’s first wife was Mary Clark(e). I have a will for Jeremiah Clark(e) who mentions his daughter Mary and his son James, among other people. Mary is referred to as Mary Clarke, so I can’t be precise that this Mary is the one who married William Lawton, but there are no other Mary Clarkes that I can find. Jeremiah died in 1728. Let’s guess that the James mentioned in the will is the subject of this blog who died in 1750.

Look on the left page of the image below about halfway down the page.

1750/ July 20th: Left by the Within nam’d James Clark deceased & Remain’d at this Death, in the hands of William Lawton Dxor of the last Will & Testament of the Decd: the sum of Eight Hundred & fifty four Pounds value in Cur’t Money, of silver & Gold wch he Here gives Account of…..

He further gives Acct. of three outlying Horses wch were sold by Caleb Knight Dec’d to the sd. James Clark deceas’d but are not yet come to this Exors hands. Wm Lawton Exor

(From the familysearch collection: “South Carolina, Charleston District, Estate inventories, 1732-1844”.)

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