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The Probate of Ann Densler

January 5, 2020

Sometimes when there is no will…

There’s still probate.

Perhaps there is a will but it’s not online yet.

A probate record is sometimes more rich in detail that a will. We can see what possessions a person owned, who purchased the possessions, and who were contemporaries of the deceased. In a record prior to the emancipation era, we can find out the names of any slaves, male or female, and their worth, which can give us an idea of their physical condition and/or skill level.

I’ll have to go over this probate record in more detail LATER, because I have found a cache of Densler will and probate records. I can say for certain that Michael is Frederick’s brother. At least, that is my stance until someone proves differently.

Thus story is not going to end for a while.

More About Michael Densler: Part 2

January 2, 2020

Where there’s a will…

There’s probate.

All court document images are from Ancestry.


Estate of Michael Densler deceased

No 128


Admors Bond filed and Admor qualified this 6th July 1835



To all whom it may concern:

WHEREAS, William Readick, has applied to the Honorable the Court of Ordinary of Chatham County, for letters of administration on the estate and effects of Michael Densler, late of Chatham County, deceased.

These are therefore to cite and admonish, all and singular the kindred and creditors of the said deceased, to file their objections (if any they have) to the granting of the administration of the estate of the deceased to the applicant in the Clerk’s Office of the said Court, on or before the 20th day of June next; otherwise letters of administration will be granted.

Witness, the Honorable John Cumming, one of the justices of the said Court, the 18th day of may, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and thirty-five.

ROBT. W. POOLER, CL’k. C. O. C. C.

I do hereby certify that the foregoing Citation has been published in the Sav’h Republican for Thirty Days.

E. Dedunotta


July 6th 1835



To the honourable the Court of Ordinary of Chatham County

The petition of David R. Densler of Chatham County planter, respectfully sheweth

That your petitioner & Ann Densler, widow of Michael Densler & John Densler, and Ann Margaret Densler (a minor) are the only heirs & legatees of Michael Densler, late of the County aforesaid planter, deceased, that by the will of the deceased his Estate was directed to be kept together for the benefit of his heirs until the youngest child should arrive at eighteen years of Age. That Ann Margaret Densler, the youngest child of the deceased is now eighteen years of age, and your petitioner is desirous of obtaining a distributive share or proportion of the Estate both real & personal of the said Michael Densler decd to which by law he is entitled, so that the proportion or share

of the said real & personal Estate to which your petitioner may be entitled may be held in severalty by him, and that each of the other heirs may likewise enjoy & hold their respective proportions or shares then of in severalty. Your petitioner therefore prays that a writ of partition be issued for that purpose to be directed to William Davies, Patrick Houston, David E Adams, Peter Dowell & John Poullen or any three or more of them requiring them or any three or more of them to make a division & partition of the said Estates both real & personal among the persons entitled to receive the same and to cause the share or proportion thereof to which each of the said heirs are or may be entitled to, to be delivered to him or her respectively, to be had & held by them in severally.

And your petitioner etc.

David R. Densler

29 Dec’r. 1820

Tilla $270

Cash pd Owen Stromge, Sophia’s Coffin $10

Cash pd for Coffin for Tilla $3

I certify that the above Citation has been published once a week for Six months.

R. Olmstead

Sav’ah 3 Jan’y 1823

An old wench Tilla $25

July ran away and never returned, in spite of advertisements in the local papers advertising that he was a runaway. From GenealogyBank, “Georgian”, 12/1/1821:

Georgian_1821-12-01 DenslerJohnA runaway slave July

Fifty Dollars Reward!

RANAWAY from the subscriber at White Bluff, a Negro Man by the name of JULY, about five feet high, slim made, and of a yellow complexion. He usually had a wife on Skidaway Island, at a plantation of Mr. Milledge. It is supposed he will make the aforesaid island his final resort. Any person therefore who shall take up the said negro, or apprehend him and confine him in the gaol in Savannah, shall receive the above reward.


nov 15

Michael’s wife Ann Densler died later. Let’s look for her will.

More About Michael Densler

January 1, 2020

Clever reader Teri knew exactly what I was talking about in the last post about the mystery at Laurel Grove Cemetery. She helped research the genealogy of the Denslers, and she provided some very good links to newspaper stories. I found TV news stories about the old Densler plantation and relocation of the human remains on the old Densler property at White Bluff.

From WTOC: March 20, 2019

From SavannahNow: April 2, 2019

From Fox28Media: April 3, 2019

From SavannahNow: June 7, 2019

From WSAV3: June 7, 2019

If you read and/or watch most of the stories, they mention that the graves were being relocated to Gravel Hill Cemetery in Bloomingdale. Apparently the final disposition at Laurel Grove came after the conversation about the relocation to Gravel Hill. The last story on WSAV3 does say that the Denslers are being relocated to Laurel Grove. Another interesting aspect is that the graves were identified by an archaeologist as being the remains of Michael and Ann Densler and their children David and John. But David and John lived to adulthood, and the graves that were found were 3 adults and an infant. Apparently at one time, the markers, but not the bodies, were relocated to Gravel Hill.

I found this link to a registration form for the National Register of Historic Places.

I am so interested in this story that I poked around my Ancestry account and found Michael’s will.


Chatham County

In the name of God Amen!

I Michael Densler planter of the State and County aforesaid being weak in body but of sound and disposing mind and disposition do will and bequeath to my son Michael Densler the sum of Fifty Dollars to be paid him out of my Estate in Six months after my decease. The remainder and residue of my Estate both real and personal I bequeath and will unto my beloved wife Anne Denlser my sons David Densler & John Densler and my daughters Anne Margaret Densler and Sophia Densler Share and Share alike — in case of the death of any of the last mentioned children without issue their mother and said last mentioned shall inherit his or their property derived from my said Estate — It is my desire

that my Estate real and personal remain undivided for the natural and joint support of my wife Anne and said last mentioned children until the aforementioned children attain the age of Eighteen Years and that there shall be no addition or increase made to my Estate until all my lawfull debts are paid discharged and do appoint my wife Anne Densler Executrix my son David Densler & John Dillon Executors of this my last will and testament revoking all wills heretofore made by me.

Michael Densler  L.S.

Signed sealed & published in presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses in the presence of the Testator the fifteenth day of November One thousand Eight hundred & Seven

Henry Nungazer

Peter OConnor

George Nungazer



Before the Hon’ble the Court of ordinary for the County of Chatham & State aforsaid

Personally appeared John Dillon who being duly sworn said he was present and did see Mr. Michael Densler sign the above will and Henry Nungazer, Peter OConnor and George Nungazer sign the above will as witnesses and that the Testator was of sound mind at the time to the best of the deponents belief.

John Dillon

Sworn to before the Court

May 10 1808

Tho’s Bourke

Clk of Or’dy


May 10 1808

Then qualified John Dillon Executor on the foregoing will

Tho’s Bourke  C. C. O.


 From GenealogyBank, Columbian Museum, October 18, 1808:


All of this only brings more questions. The Densler people that we know are descendants of Mary “Aunt Polly” Marston Pearson Densler and Frederick Densler. Surely all these Densler people are connected. But how?

I conjecture that Michael and Frederick are brothers.

How to prove that?