Out and About with the Denslers

Leslie and I are trailing the Densler families again.

The city of Savannah has a cemetery database. I’ve mentioned it before when I’m looking for dead people.

I scrolled through all the Denslers, and I screenshot the ones I am interested in.

Barbara is most probably the spinster whose will I posted here.

I found a record of her death on ancestry. She died at the home of her aunt at the S. E. Corner of the new church. Another mystery as to the name of the aunt and the location of the church. She is the sister of Densler, the chair maker.


I don’t know Edmond. I suspect that Edwin is the son of Frederick and Mary Pearson Densler, since he’s buried in their mausoleum at Lot 480 in Laurel Grove North, and they did have a son named Edwin.


I suspect “Frederick” was reinterred from Colonial to LGN as “Fredrick”.

GenealogyBank tells us by way of the Columbian Museum newspaper on May 17, 1820, the P. L. Wicks had a shoe store at the location of the ground floor of Mr. Frederick Densler’s residence on the corner of Broughton and Bull.




Has removed to the corner of Broughton and Bull streets, (directly under the residence of mr. Frederick Densler,) where he is now opening a fresh supply of


Kid, Satin, Prunella and other Fancy


ALSO–Gentlemen’s Calfskin & Morocco

Boots, buckskin Shoes, &c.

Together with travelling and fancy Trunks of every description–sweeping Brooms–scrubbing, shoe, white-wash and counter Brushes.

Also–Lee’s Japan Blacking, which he offers low, at wholesale or retail.

Grateful for past favors, he hopes by industry and attention to merit a share of public patronage.


may 4


I don’t know who John is. Laura is buried in Laurel Grove South which is an African-American cemetery. I think the Denslers in LGS are related to the Colonial Denslers through slavery and possible DNA.


Mary is Aunt Polly Densler buried in Lot 480 in LGN. I don’t know the Mary in Colonial or in Lot 354 in LGN.


Sophia is a mystery. There were several Sophias. One was the daughter of Michael who died young, and I would chance to say that she was buried at the plantation at Vernonburg. I think the Sophia at LGN was a Densler by marriage.


Virginia can’t be found, at least not by us, at Colonial. Little William was a child of Frederick and Mary Pearson Densler. He would also have been reinterred at LGN even though the database doesn’t show that.


Annnd we’re off…

First to Laurel Grove to Lot 296 to find that Sophia Densler has no marker. She is buried at gravesite 8.

It is a double plot encompassing 296 and 297.

This is the Spring-Mallery plot. Was she a Spring or a Mallery?

These people aren’t giving us any clues.

On to Mary Densler at 354.

Nothing. No marker for her. There are markers, but none that mean anything to us.

She should be here.

Now on to Lot 480 where this all started. More surprises here. Another marker had been reset, this time for John. He is a son of Michael and Ann. This runaway slave advertisement is from GenealogyBank, December 8, 1821, “Georgian” newspaper from Savannah, Georgia.

Somebody ran over the marker for “482” and broke it off.


departed this life

October 22nd 1835,

Aged 35 Years 11 months & 22 days.

Ye fleeting scenes of Earth adieu

Which I no more shall know

My friends a long farewell to you

And all my sorrows here below.

And you my Mother kind and dear

I bid farewell to you,

No more on earth your love to share

Until we meet in heaven above.

Y’all, I would love to go to the cemetery when they are resetting a gravestone. I feel like I have been missing something in my life.

We loop around to the Bateson plot to pick up the poinsettia pot from Christmas because the poinsettia is surely deceased.

We find more restoration work going on at a lot near them.

Fascinating! Soon we’re on our way to Colonial. Come along with us.

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