A Special Sweater for a Special Nugget

A coworker had a little hurricane baby about 4 months ago. I knitted her a baby afghan in a feather and fan pattern. In truth, it is the only pattern that I can construct without looking at written directions, and it looks complicated and lacy.

Actually I knitted 2 afghans. The first one seemed too small. Lots of times I have to do something not quite right once, or several, times to get the required result eventually. That could also be applied to my life and would be a chat for another day.

I bought maybe 5 skeins of yarn of Plymouth “Encore” for the new second afghan and added one to grow on. The 5 skeins turned out to be the perfect amount, which left one lonely little skein-and-a-half.

That became this.

It is the February Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann from Knitters Almanac.

I fiddled around with the construction before I knitted this sweet confection by knitting 5 other baby sweaters. Yes, five. I outdid myself in the research and development category. I hate the sewing-up part of sweater construction, and I devised a method of crocheting the seams together.

Lil Nugget is a long baby. Her parents are tall. Mum requested enough length to cover Nugget’s tummy. I knitted several sweaters in varying lengths and needle sizes and yarns to get the effect I wanted.

Nugget’s mommy thinks that she will have Nugget’s 6-month photos made in the sweater. Did you know that 6-month photos are a thing? I have been out of the baby business for a long time, and things have changed.

As far as I’m concerned, Nugget doesn’t ever have to wear the sweater. The journey was more fun than the destination.

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