Dog Saves Infant, 1821

When I’m looking through the old files and newspaper articles, I get easily distracted. EASILY. The stories are so good.

Like this one…

Augusta_Chronicle_1821-05-17 DogSavesInfant

From the Augusta Chronicle, May 17, 1821, from GenealogyBank.

Remarkable preservation.–Mr. Geo. Kreps and family, of this town, emigrated last fall to Alabama. In crossing a river,  in the Indian nation, they mistook the ford, and the wagon and horses, with the contents, were suddenly immersed in the stream. In the agitation of the moment, Mrs. Kreps parted from her infant child, which was carried rapidly down the current. At that instant, a large dog, which had joined the family a few days before, sprung after the babe, overtook it just as it was sinking, and conveyed it safely to the shore. The horses also regained a footing, and the whole party was saved. The manner in which the dog had joined them was truly providential. They were resting by the road side, when he, “a perfect stranger” came up and fawned upon them; they returned his caresses, and he continued with them, their future benefactor.–Winchester Republican.

We do not deserve dogs.

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