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The Will of Barbara Densler

January 5, 2020

So many Denslers, so little time.

Here’s the will of Barber Densler who died in 1804 in Savannah, Georgia. She says that she is a spinster, that her deceased father is Henry Densler, that her sister is Susannah, and that her beloved brother Frederick is her executor.

I also found her record of death. Y’all, she had cancer of the face for many years.

She was the “sister of Densler, Chair Maker” and she died at the home of her aunt.

Now let’s look for the will of Henry “Heinrich” Densler to see if that can shed some light on these relationships.

Good night, Barbara. We’re thinking of you.

The Probate of Ann Densler

January 5, 2020

Sometimes when there is no will…

There’s still probate.

Perhaps there is a will but it’s not online yet.

A probate record is sometimes more rich in detail that a will. We can see what possessions a person owned, who purchased the possessions, and who were contemporaries of the deceased. In a record prior to the emancipation era, we can find out the names of any slaves, male or female, and their worth, which can give us an idea of their physical condition and/or skill level.

I’ll have to go over this probate record in more detail LATER, because I have found a cache of Densler will and probate records. I can say for certain that Michael is Frederick’s brother. At least, that is my stance until someone proves differently.

Thus story is not going to end for a while.