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FlowerFest 2019: On to the Batesons and Lawtons

December 17, 2019

We’re finished up with the Mackay and the related families at Laurel Grove, and headed over to see the Batesons.

After we’ve finished visiting Miss Hattie.

Miss Hattie Colquitt lived in Bluffton, where Leslie grew up. He would have been about 15 when she died. He said that she had a lending library in her home.

We drive to the end of the lane and saw that the Densler mausoleum’s refurbishment was complete. We once took a poinsettia there for Leslie’s great-grandfather’s aunt Mary “Polly” Densler.

There was an old marker there that has been newly refurbished. Michael Densler and Ann Densler reside there. We don’t know them. This is a bit baffling. We don’t remember this stone at all. It’s like it just sprang out of the ground, although clearly it didn’t.

Then to the Batesons at Lot 322. The military markers are for Christopher and Thomas Bateson. The marker in the middle is one that Leslie commissioned when we first discovered that this plot wasn’t marked.

Over to Jones-Lawton.

This is the mausoleum that suffered damage to one of the facades after Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Leslie’s cousin Emily spearheaded a renovation project that was quite impressive in scope.

There’s a bumper crop of acorns, and the chipmunks and squirrels have been having a feast.

Mary Garrard Mackin has been hosting a dinner party on her headstone.

Once again, quick as a wink, we are finished at Laurel Grove. We’ll head across town and see you at Bonaventure.