FlowerFest 2019

We are on our game this year. Publix had lots of beautiful poinsettias, and we were mentally ready to sally forth.

I had a special request for when we went to Laurel Grove. I wanted to find the grave of Eliza McQueen Mackay. A little homework in the form of an internet search led me to findagrave.

We’re off!

We have 8 poinsettias in the back of the car. Leslie got a new-to-him car this past summer which was great because the van’s traveling days are numbered.

It was so easy to find Eliza and her family. The plot is directly across from the McLaws. The McLaws got their plot from the Starrs and Basingers when they outgrew their plot in Laurel Grove and were reinterred in Bonaventure. We were right there all along.

Sometimes when I have found a family, I tend to greet them. Hello, Sarah! Hello, Catherine! I’ve read about you! I know who you are!

I try to make my way methodically thru the plot so that I don’t miss anyone.

Do you see this? Her middle name is Couper!

I have had a suspicion that Cowper might be spelled Couper by some sources. There was a Cooper family in my hometown, and my mom pronounced it “KUP-per”, so of course I told her she was wrong. It’s KOO-per, ma, KOOOOO-per. Mom is possibly right again.

Here’s Eliza. She has a head stone and a foot stone. Apparently she has fans because of a book written by Eugenia Price.

There’s William, a child of hers, but no Robert and no Mary Anne.

Now it is bonus time…

I squealed a little. I wasn’t looking for her, yet here she is.

Mary Anne Cowper, daughter of Basil Cowper and Mary “Polly” Smith Cowper.

There’s a empty spot next to Mary Anne and also what is most probably a baby’s grave.

I take a quick look across to the left into the next plots and I think there are more relatives there

On the other side of the Mackay plot, you already can guess that there are more relatives in the next 2 plots. Leslie already said to me when he saw me stepping in to lot, Now we’re not going to take photos of all these.

After all, we are in a mission and this was supposed to be a quick stop to say hello.

Then he found Anna Hunter’s family’s markers. She was known as Annuh Hunna. She was a force of nature and was on the forefront of preservation in Savannah.

I did a quick check on findagrave and found that she is at Bonaventure.

We’re not finished at Laurel Grove by any means, but let’s take a break here.

Good night, Mackay/Cowper/Hunter/Elliott/Habersham people. We’re thinking of you.

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  1. Maureen fitzpatrick Says:

    Best wishes for the holidays.

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