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Samuel Maner: His Claim Growing Out of the American Revolution

November 23, 2019

There is an old story that says that Samuel Maner and his brother William hid horses and slaves in the area of Black Swamp in the province of South Carolina during the Revolution, and that they served with Francis Marion. There is no evidence to support this claim.

I would personally ask why the said slaves didn’t get on the said horses and ride into Georgia and on to Florida?

There is, however, an account stored at the SC Department of Archives and History supporting Samuel’s service and the fact that he was an express rider for Governor Rutledge.

You can find this same account at the SCDAH website. Your search term can be Maner, Samuel.

Here’s a screenshot to the collection:

Here are screenshots of the contents.

…riding express for Gov. Rutledge…

There are also very good accounts at the Heritage Library and Wade Pecans. (Order some pecans while you are there – they are delicious!)

Do you know about the Morris Center for Lowcountry Heritage in Ridgeland? There will be a presentation about Francis Marion in February 2020. I am confident that the Maner boys will not be mentioned.

I am also confident with all these facts and resources that we can stop talking about the Maner boys serving with Francis Marion.

Because an express rider for 8 months for Governor Rutledge is an unbelievable feat of strength and skill. In my imagination, I am transported through time to another era. Do you see a young man with an official missive on a fast horse riding in the dark of night through dangerous territory? I do. These people are in my brain.