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Kingsley, Maner, Lawton: Following the Trail

November 17, 2019

Zephaniah Kingsley is the beginning of the trail. He was a British Loyalist lost his property in St. Peter’s Parish because of the confiscation act in 1782.

Samuel Maner bought part of that property.

Somehow part of the property went to Catharine Maner who married William Henry Lawton.

We went there for a little look-around.

I wanted to head over to the section where the slave cabins were. We found that the trees were more massive than the ones at the plantation house that was burned in 1865.

The old steps of the big house

A storm was blowing in from the southwest.


He is a normal sized person, not a toddler. How big around must this tree be? Twenty-five feet? More? Less? I suspect I will want to go back to measure it.

One of several enormous cedars had split away from the main trunk, impeding further access.


We walked over to another large cedar, and Leslie pointed out a butterfly that was flittering by, and then she rested in the tall grass next to the tree.


I looked next to it on the ground.


The ground had been recently harrowed, and things can pop up that have been hidden for a long time.


My friends that know of such things say that this shard is probably from 1770-1840ish. Other friends say that this type of thing could be found in the general area of the slave cabins, because the slaves would be given items from the main house that were no longer in use.


It’s about 1.5″ long and is most probably from the edge of a plate.

From Kingsley? Or Maner? Or Lawton?