Henry Martyn Robert: his biography

Leslie and I had the pleasure it of meeting the biographer of Henry Martyn Robert. He is Dr. Len Young, and he and his wife Peggy met us in Robertville.

Len sent us a copy of the biography. You can get your own copy on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Henry-Martyn-Robert-Writer-American-ebook/dp/B07WSFMNJF/ref=nodl_

It is available as an ebook or softcover.

I know very little about Robert’s adult life, but have a bit of knowledge about the Robert families and the Robertville area. There is a reference to the Maner brothers that family lore and legend says hid horses and slaves in the swamp during the Revolution for Francis Marion. I would argue that the slaves got on the horses and went to Georgia.

At any rate, the S.C. Dept. of Archives and History has a record for Samuel Maner without mention of Francis Marion. He was an express courier for Governor Rutledge. The story of the association with Francis Marion seems to be repeated due to a reference by a Mrs. Poyas, also known as The Ancient Lady. She is worth a google search for her story is also interesting.

This is the only biography for Henry Martyn Robert. Seems impossible, but there it is. My copy will go right next to his Rules of Order that I got back in the day at college in 1974. I didn’t know then that I would someday meet his cousin right here near his birthplace, but life has a way of connecting things.

So go, get your copy!

One Response to “Henry Martyn Robert: his biography”

  1. Jud Taylor Says:

    Mrs ELIZABETH A POYAS is in my family tree. I printed a couple of her works I found digitized from the Harvard Library on-line. She wrote letters to her nephews and nieces regarding South Carolina.


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