Onward to Red Bluff Plantation

We’ve seen several references to Red Bluff in the wills of Elizabeth Williamson Smith, Mary Smith Cowper, and Mary Anne Cowper. We wondered where it was.

I convinced myself that it was on a small island near Beaufort surrounded by marsh and the Chechessee. Leslie pointed out that it just didn’t make sense. How could a small island be parceled out to several descendants? But where else was it, even though we couldn’t find it on the old maps.

Leslie looked at the map ONE MORE TIME, and found it. Do you remember that he used to be a rural postal carrier in the Hardlyville area? Can you imagine that he has blocked some of those stressful memories? Because he used to deliver to Red Bluff Plantation.

There was a long drive. Sometimes he had to drive miles down the winding drive to deliver important mail that required a signature. It has changed now because the property was sold a few years ago. There is a gate which is locked. It is supposed to be an event venue now.

If you could drive all the way to the house, you could see the Savannah River. Which we cannot do, so let’s imagine a lazy, marshy area of vast expanse.

The property once belonged to Elizabeth Williamson’s family which I have seen as living in Beaufort. This seems far-ish from Beaufort.

But it is a huge property that could easily have been parceled out. Perhaps someone can shed more light.

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