A Bit of a Treat

Tammie, Brian, and I have been touring around seeing sights that I have never seen. It’s Sunday afternoon, and I realize that we are out for a Sunday drive unlike any other I’ve had. We’ve seen houses, and cemeteries, and fort ramifications, and one lone turkey. This driving about has worked up a thirst for an iced drink.

I usually make my midday meal my biggest meal of the day. I try not to eat in the evening because sometimes this triggers a gall bladder episode which is most uncomfortable. Today I make an exception when we end up at Hot Rods.

I went ahead and popped an omeprazole beforehand.

I had some kind of deliciousness called a kraut dog with slaw and fries on the side. Tammie had sliders.

Brian had the most enormous sandwich called “The Hog”.

The restaurant has 50s memorabilia EVERYWHERE. TV monitors mounted up high played the intros to all the classic 50s TV shows, over and over in a loop. There was so much to look at that it was sensory overload.

We headed back homeward, and they dropped me off at my car where it waited patiently in the heat at the Cracker Barrel. I’ll be heading for Home and Carolina soon, but there’s one more house to find. I had forgotten this one. Cousin Gordie had a little photo of a house where she said Grandma lived. BigBroSteve said he thought it was in the bend of Martel Road just past the cemetery.

I just happen to be going that way on the way to Carolina…

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