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904 C Street

July 23, 2019

I remembered that I wanted to see 904 C Street. We headed over that way after we stopped long enough for me to snap a couple of photos of other houses.

My grandparents and their mostly grown children lived here in 1940 on Kingston Street. Many of the houses seem to be similar styles.

308 – First recorded house built on Kingston Street – 1900

We meandered over to C Street. Grandma and her family was living there in 1936 when her brother Charles Webb died.

The funeral was held in the home. There were funeral homes in the town, so I don’t know why the funeral wasn’t held at a funeral home instead of a private residence.

Brian parked opposite 904 C Street, just like he did on Hill Street. He and Tammie are so patient with me, and they don’t fuss while I wander around taking photos of houses.




I am mostly interested as to why this family moved so much. Ohhhh, a timeline would be helpful.

So many projects, so little time.