Miss Willie’s House

Miss Willie Rice Wilson lived on Hill Street. When I was a little girl, my mother and LilSis and I would visit her. I didn’t particularly like those visits because we had to sit on a daybed in the main room and be very quiet. The house was closed up against the midday heat and smelled musty. Perhaps she gave us candy or cookies. I’m not positive but it seems like there was a break during the visit that surely included a treat. I never understood why we went to visit her. Now I know. My parents lived next door to her in 1942 and 1943 at 306 Hill Street. Miss Willie lived in the beige house at 304.

This house at 306 Hill Street is where my parents lived when they first were married. They moved in with my mother’s family. Miss Willie’s house is the beige house in the background at 304 Hill Street.

We sat in that front room right there at 304 Hill Street.

My friend Walter, who grew up near Hill Street and who is basically the authority on all things LC, said that the house on the other side of 306 Hill was the company house for the Lenoir Car Works. He thinks that Miss Willie and her husband Mr. Z.B. Wilson lived there while Mr. Z.B. was the manager of the car works.

At any rate, Mom and Dad started their life together next door to Miss Willie, no matter which house she lived in.

Good-night, Miss Willie. I’m thinking of you.

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2 Responses to “Miss Willie’s House”

  1. Janice Gray Says:

    I loved Miss Willie! My family lived at 302 Hill Street, so she was our next-door neighbor, also! I have many fond memories of visits and conversations with her.


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