306 Hill Street

Some of the items that Cousin Gordie brought in her little tote bag were things to give to Cousin Diane. One item is Diane’s father’s enlistment paperwork for WWII in 1942, living at 306 Hill Street. Strangely, I have an application by my mom and Dad for a ration book, most probably also in 1942 because that is the year they married, and their address is also 306 Hill Street. Mom had told me that when she was pregnant with her first child they were living on Hill Street and that would have been 1943. I figured they had their own place, but it appears not.


We’re at church on the Sunday after the reunion. The BabyGirl is planning on leaving to drive home after the service, so today is bittersweet.

I’m planning on taking the flowers from the narthex to the cemetery. I’m meeting new DNA cousin Jackie there. Firstly, some photos.

Then off to the cemetery.

This panorama is unsatisfactory but here it is anyway.

It was bittersweet to leave Jackie, even though she said that, having met her Webb side of the family, she felt complete. What would Grandma think to know that her grandchildren had met her brother Joe’s grandchildren? It must have been a torturous journey for Joe’s grandchildren, the not-knowing.

One cousin had known Joe and his third wife when he moved to the Atlanta area. He said he didn’t know what Joe had done before he met him, but that Joe was always good to him. He remembered that Joe was a snappy dresser, and that his shoes were always shined.

Joe Ruth


Off to lunch at Cracker Barrel with Tammie and Brian and LilSis and her family. Soon it is time for another adventure.

Tammie and Brian want to know what I want to see. I want one place. 306 Hill Street.

Brian parks in front across the street. I take a shot from the back seat driver’s side window, then I am compelled to get out of the car.

img_6013-1Early 01Earley 02img_6019-3Earley 05

We drive around a bit more, seeing the old houses and remembering who used to live where.

We headed off to Knoxville to check out some more cemeteries. I looked at my photos that I had just taken of 306 Hill Street.

Suddenly I realize that I know this house. I’ve seen it before in an old photo. My mother had written on the back “house on C Street”. But she got that wrong.

This is a photo of my grandfather James Packett, circa 1942ish.

I’m relieved to know the answer as to why I couldn’t find the house on C Street.

How many more mysteries will this town hold?

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