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The Packett-Rawls Reunion, 2019

July 13, 2019

Well, LilSis did it. She pulled together our inaugural reunion.

I’ve been calling it the Packett/Rawls reunion, and she has been calling it the Rawls/Packett reunion, and everyone understands that it doesn’t matter what you call it. It’s all good.

It was quite an amazing event. I was too busy talking to remember that we should take a group photo.

Fortunately, the BabyGirl was there with a cool hand and steady trigger on the camera.

Bet, our nearest neighbor growing up, and YoursTtuly

Len Beardstrong and YoursTruly. Len is a Packett cousin. Our maternal fathers were brothers. I had never met Len before today. It takes a special kind of courage to go to a reunion where you know no one, and that is Len.

YoursTruly, BigBroSteve, and LilSis wearing her tiara

YoursTruly and cousin Gordie

See that bag Gordie has? She has old photos! And newspaper articles!

I wanted to snatch the bag off her arm and run away with it. I *knew* I should have brought the scanner.

Tammie and Brian came and they took some photos of the photos. At some point I’ll possibly crop them. Possibly not.

Cake! We had cake! With our candle denoting this was our first reunion ever.

All of these firsts and yet one to go…

DNA cousins Jackie and her brother Phil.

One of grandma’s brothers was Joseph Truman “Joe” Webb. He left his wife and young daughter, and didn’t have contact with them. That was Jackie and Phil’s grandmother and mother. Joe had 6 grandchildren that he never met. Yet all of us grandchildren of his sister had met him. Briefly for most, but still we met him.

That break has been mended.

I can’t imagine a better reunion.