The Theory of Eight Surnames


One, two, or many?

On a recent trip abroad, I was told that everyone should know and be able to recite their eight surnames. These are the surnames of a person’s eight great grandparents. A good game is to ask: can you name yours?

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  1. Linda Snow Davis Says:

    Hello Ruth, Thank you for sharing this information. It happens to have numerous surnames of mine. I know you and I are connected through the Rawls line somewhere, but have not researched that one enough, but mine is Sarah Harriet Rawls who marr James Hardy Pelham Humphries, their daughter Catherine Jarvey Humphries married Hiram Tison who were my 2nd great grandparents. Specific interest I have in the article, I noticed the name Cuthbert first. Then most of the others are in my lines, such as McGregor, Livingston, Black, Couper, Erskine, Hay, (I have McInnes instead of Innes. I have been working on my Scottish lines in the past several months, and with my DNA matches so many of my matches and I share many of the names. Are you by any chance familiar with the Cuthbert, Baird, White and Bowers families? All of those were from Scotland also,before coming to the colonies and in the Savannah/Beaufort areas . These surnames were in Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, Beaufort,SC. I stayed in the Cuthbert Inn B&B in Beaufort a few years back, but at the time I did not realize it was one of my Cuthberts, though I suspected it might have been. I am trying to research records on the Scottish Peoples website and other resources to get documentation, (I already have documentation going back to the Savannah and Beaufort Cuthberts), but I am trying to document those in Scotland to ours who came to Savannah. I have documents showing the Cuthberts in Inverness, having charters of Castlehill, and Drakies among others, and the Plantations in Savannah and SC carry the same names as Drakies and Castlehill. My connection is through cousin, William Baird who shares the same 2nd great grandmother as my 3rd great grandmother,Sarah (Sallie) Gaddy Womack Prevatte, being the mother Maria M. Prevatt McCrory. William Baird’s great grandmother was Frances Cuthbert White (born in 1788 in Burke Co., GA.) who married Isaac Bowers/Bower from Rhode Island, Connecticut, My brickwall is which Cuthbert and White was Frances’ lines. Her maiden name being White, and I know a grandfather was William Steele, Indian Trader in the area between Augusta, and Milledgeville, GA. I know there is a Steele White mentioned in many of the same areas, but have not connected that as yet, nor which Cuthbert she was given the name after. I am sorry this is so long, but I could not find a private message address. Any information on my brickwall names would be a huge help to me. I am happy to share any of my research. I have a tremendous list of surnames I am descended from that were in Savannah, (Peter Tondee and Lucy Mouse were my 5th great grandparents) and many of his descendants connected to just about everyone in Savannah and half of those in SC, and migrated all over Ga and west. I also am related to the Bassingers, Garnetts, Read/Reids, Wrights, Lawtons, Cunninghams, Willinghams,Mottes, and others. Walter G B Wright and Carl Weeks are both my cousins. You are probably familiar with the book Carl wrote of Peter Tondee, he was also a Tondee descendant.

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