Relief Requested for Nancy Richmond, 1866-1867

More from the Freedmen’s Bureau’s letter from the Knoxville office. These images are from FamilySearch’s undigitized images, “Roll 16 (T142), Letters sent, vol 119, July 1866-Apr 1867″. These pertain to the office in Knoxville, Tennessee, directly after the Civil War.

RichmondNancy 12-28-1866

Page 80


Bureau R. F. & A. L.

Supt Office Knoxville Tennessee

Dec 28th 1866

Col J. C. Luttarell

Mayor of the City of Knoxville


I beg leave to call your attention to the case of Nancy Richmond Cold of whom I spoke to you about a few days since. This woman is evidently in a condition to require attention from some source other than common charity as she is far advanced in pregnancy and is without shelter or a home as my Orders distinctly state that the Civil Authorities will provide for their own poor it is impossible for me to take any action official, except to call your attention to the case. If this case does not come under your Jurisdiction please refer the paper to Judge Jones of the Count Court.


Samuel Walker

Bvt Capt & Supt.

RichmondNancy 1-3-1867

Bureau R. F. & A. L.

Supt Office Knoxville Tenn

Jan 3rd 1867

Rev Thomas W Humes

President East Tenn Relief Association

Knoxville Tenn

Dear Sir

I beg leave to call your attention to the very needy and destitute condition of a Colored Woman by the name of Nancey Richmond now quartered in the basement of the building occupied by me as an office. This woman has been begging through the streets of this City for some time but is now in such a condition that she even cannot do that as she is about to be confined. The attention of the civil Authorities has been respectfully called to this case but as yet they have declined to render assistance. The issue of rations and clothing to the destitute by the Government has ceased in East Tenn, And my Orders are such that it is impossible for me to appropriate a dollar of Govmt funds for the relief of this case. Anything I do in this and like cases must be done on my own account as a Private Citizen. I persuaded the family who now has this woman in charge to take her in by promising to see that they were paid and has already paid out seven dollars on her account. I feel satisfied that she would have perished had she not received assistance from some source. I take the liberty under these circumstances of asking you for such assistances as you may have the power to grant and feel that the case requires. I would also respectfully request that you use your influence with the city Authorities and urge them to adopt some measures for the relief of this and like cases. Unless something of this kind is done I fear there will be much suffering among this class of persons during the winter. Hoping to hear from you at your earliest convenience and that you may be able to aid me in this matter. I have the honor to be Sir

Very respectully

Your obt servt

Samuel Walker

Bvt Capt & Supt.

1-4-1867 RichmondNancy and SchoolHouse matters

Page 90


Bureau R. F. & A. L.

Supt Office Knoxville Tenn

Jan 4th 1867

Rev Thos W. Humes

President E. T. R. A.

Knoxville Tenn

Dear Sir,

I have the honor respectfully to acknowledge the receipt of yours of the 3rd inst with Order on Mr. D. A. Deaderick Treasr E. T. R. A. for twelve Dollars to be used for the relief of the Colrd woman Nanney Richmond for which please accept my thanks. I would respectfully state that Judge Jones of the Count Court has been notified in this case but states that as the law requires parties to have been residents of the County for at least one year before they can be admitted to the County poor house, he has no jurisdiction over this case. I have the honor to be

Very Respectfully

Your Obt Servt

Samuel Walker

Bvt Capt & Supt



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