“Reconstruction: America After the Civil War”

I had the good fortune to attend a screening on April 4, 2019, of “Reconstruction: America After the Civil War”. This is Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.’s latest documentary series which will air on April 9 & 16 at 9PM on SCETV.

ReconstructionScreening P1

ReconstructionScreening P2

Dr. Gates also attended, which was an interesting surprise.

Can you see that I am in the row right behind him??

Damon Fordham, MA; Dr. Millicent Brown; Dr. Walter Edgar

There was much valuable discussion by the panel that enriched my understanding of reconstruction after the war. My basic knowledge of reconstruction were the words “Scalawags” and “Carpetbaggers”, and the first “C” I ever made was in American History.

There is also a new interactive website called Reconstruction360. It’s a great learning tool, especially for those of us who made a “C” or less in American History.

In a strange twist of fate, I started transcribing post-war documents just a few days before I received an invitation to go to this screening. I got a message from someone with an extra ticket. It was a sold-out event, and the tickets were free. The time and space of the universe conspired to create a spot for me to go after work. The screening was held in the auditorium at TCL – the Technical College of the Lowcountry which was about 1 mile from where I work.

Tune in or stream it. It is going to be amazing.


2 Responses to ““Reconstruction: America After the Civil War””

  1. Anne Neely Says:

    My grandmother was born April 17, 1865 after her mother and children had to refugee to the northern part of S.C. Sherman was coming and his troops had orders to burn my grandfather’s house. He was a Signer of the Ordinance, Benjamin William Lawton. They did burn the house and the family, for a time, lived in Georgia before going back to S.C. Nama (Annie Lou Lawton Erwin) grew up during Reconstruction and I was blessed to have her tell me stories. I was 15 when she died, she was in her nineties. I still miss her. Anne Lawton Ellis Neely

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  2. Ruth Rawls Says:

    Anne, you need to blog! Are you writing down her stories?


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