Mattie E. Mason, a Feme Sole, of Loudon County, Tennessee

I have fallen down a rabbit hole.

I have not met Alice yet, but there are plenty of other characters here. I’m looking at the undigitized images on FamilySearch.

So many interesting images. I sat up quite late reading through wills, because who doesn’t do this and make themselves almost late for work the following day? And don’t judge if my clothes do or do not match. I’m pleased to be wearing clean pants.

MasonMattieE last will and testament

Page 28

Will of Mattie E. Mason.

I, Mattie E. Mason, a feme sole of Loudon, Tenn, do make, declare and publish this as my last will and testament, hereby revoking any and all wills heretofore made by me.

First: -I will and direct my Executor hereinafter named to pay all my just debts including my funeral expenses out of the first money coming into her hands from my estate.

Second: -I will and bequeath my piano to my niece Martha McQueen.

Third: -I will and bequeath my War Savings Stamps amounting to two hundred dollars and my two Liberty Bonds of fifty dollars each, amounting to $100.00 to my niece, Martha McQueen and my nephews James McQueen and Thomas Mason McQueen.

Fourth: -I will and bequeath to my nephew Norman McQueen the sum of five hundred dollars and charge the same against my real estate.

Fifth: -I will and bequeath the sum of One Thousand dollars to the Trustees of the American Red Cross Society to be used by them in their work of mercy and charge my real estate with this bequest.

Sixth: -I will and bequeath my one half undivided interest in the farm that I inherited from my father T. J. Mason, deceased, said farm being situated in the First Civil District of Loudon County Tennessee and adjoining the town of Loudon, to my sister Elizabeth Eliza McQueen to be held and used by her during her natural life.

Seventh: -I will and bequeath my one half interest in the above described farm at the death of my sister Elizabeth Eliza McQueen and after the payments of bequests numbered four and five to my nephews, Thomas McQueen, James McQueen, Norman McQueen and my niece Martha McQueen, share and share alike, but I hereby prohibit either of them from selling or encumbering in any way their interest in the said farm hereby bequeathed to them during the life of their mother.

Eighth: -I hereby name and appoint my sister Elizabeth Eliza McQueen Executrix of this my last will and testament and excuse her from giving bond or making reports and settlements with the Court.

In Witness of all which I have hereunto set my hand this the 13th day of Jan. 1919.

Mattie E. Mason.

We, R. M. Johnson, Nannie E. Johnston, and Letitia Grubb at the request of Mattie E. Mason and in her presence and in the presence of each other witnessed her sign her name to the foregoing instrument and she declares the same to be her last will and in her presence and in the presence of each other have signed our names as witnesses at her request.

This January 13th 1919.

R. M. Johnston

Nannie E. Johnston

Letitia Grubb

I had heard of a feme sole, but I have never seen someone declare themselves as a feme sole.

So many interesting stories. So little time.

Good night, feme sole. We’re thinking of you.

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