The Last Will and Testament of Walter Franklin Lenoir, 1878

A few posts prior to this one had a link to viewing untranscribed records. I poked around a bit in the Loudon County, Tennessee, records and found W. F. Lenoir. He is of the founding family of what was first called Lenoirs, or Lenoirs Station after a railroad stop. Lenoir City proper was formed at a later date.

The Lenoir family was instrumental in the founding of my home church Trinity Methodist Church, later known as Trinity United Methodist Church. I’ve written about this before, and you could have a look at more details by using the “search” bar.

Last Will and Testament of W. F. Lenoir

I W. F. Lenoir, of Loudon County, State of Tennessee, being of sound mind and proper conditions, do make and ordain this my last will and testament.

1st  I will and bequeath to my wife Hattie L. Lenoir, three (3) beds and bedsteads and all necessary covering and appurtenances, 1 Sewing Machine, two (2) lounges, three (3) rocking chairs, one and one half (1 1/2) dozen chairs, one (1) large table, three (3) Small tables, one lady’s work table, two (2) wash stands, one (1) bureau, one (1) piano, all my Silver ware, all the dining room and kitchen ware and utensils that she may desire or choose to retain, including the table linen, towels and all the jeans and cloth about the house not made up, the family bible and any other books that she may select to the amount in value of one fifth of the library, all the engravings and paintings or pictures that she may wish to keep, two (2) milk cows, two (2) young cattle suitable for beef, one (1) lady’s Saddle, horse one (1) buggy and harness, one (1) lady’s Saddle, one (1) Small plow, all the garden tools and utensils, a sufficient amount of provisions and grain to supply the family for twelve months, and one hundred dollars ($100.00) in cash, also fifty dollars ($50.00) to be used by her in putting up tomb Stones at the graves of her three children and a plain tomb Stone at my grave.

2nd  I will and bequeath to my son Walter Thomas Lenoir forty acres of land, more or less, within the present corporation limits of the city of Humbolt Tennessee, being the balance of a seventy eight acres tract bought of J. M. Mitchell, the other thirty eight acres having heretofore been conveyed to the said Walter Thomas Lenoir. Also Six acres, more or less, within the corporate limits of the city of Humbolt Tennessee being the balance of a nine acres tract bought of John Osborne, the other portion of said tract having been heretofore conveyed to the said Walter Thomas Lenoir. Also my one half of Block No 26 and any and all other lots that I may have in the city of Humbolt Tennessee. Also ten (10) shares of the Stock of the Lenoir Manufacturing Company of Loudon County Tennessee, and it is my will that he shall not account for any money or other property that I have heretofore advanced to him, and that the foregoing shall be in full of his interest in my estate, except two hundred dollars in cash.

3rd  I will and bequeath to my Son Henry L. Lenoir, the house and lot now occupied by my son William G. Lenoir, said lot to be enlarged as herein after provided. Beginning at the north east corner of the Parsonage lot, running thence across the road to the South east corner of said lot now occupied by my Son William G. Lenoir, thence 134 feet in a north easterly direction with a plank fence along the road heading from Philadelphia to Loudon, thence Sweetwater Creek running parallel with the two between said lot and the Parsonage and Dr. Duncan’s lot; thence with the Creek in a Southwesterly direction to the original quarter Section line; thence across the road to the northwest corner of Dr. Duncan’t lot; thence with Dr. Duncan’s line and the line of the Parsonage lot to the beginning; Also all my carpenter’s tools and the small tools notions etc contained in the little upper press in my bed room; said tools, notions etc to remain for the use of the farm so long as said farm is occupied or cultivated for the use and benefit of any of my family or until said farm is disposed of by my executors.

4th  I will and bequeath to my Son Thornton P. Lenoir my gold watch; also two beds and bedsteads with the necessary covering and appurtenances; also 1/2 Doz chairs.

5th  It is y will that my Son William G. Lenoir, be paid four hundred dollars ($400.00) for his services rendered on the farm during the time that he has been attending to my farming operations, in addition to what he has heretofore received in family supplies etc.

6th  It is my will that all the remainder of my estate, both real and personal, be disposed of or sold by my executors as soon as practicable, either at public or private sale, as in their judgment may be for the best interest of the estate; and my executors are hereby empowered to make all necessary deeds and conveyances to carry out the provisions of this will, and to perfect all titles to property heretofore disposed of or sold by me; and it is my will that the proceeds of the property referred to in this (6th) item, after paying all just debts against my estate and after complying with the provisions heretofore mentioned in this will, requiring the payment of money, shall be equally divided between my wife Hattie O. Lenoir, William G. Lenoir, Thornton P. Lenoir, and Henry L. Lenoir.

I hereby appoint my Son W. G. Lenoir and nephew J. A. Reagan the executors of this my last will and testament. Witness my hand and Seal this the 17th day of August 1878.

W. F. Lenoir (Seal)


Newton Bogart

B. B. Lenoir

J. W. Duncan

August 27th 1878.

Codicil.  It is my will that Steve Six be so charged as to admit Library what is not disposed of hereunto divided equally between my four children and I also donate ten dollars for each of the purposes named below, making cross fences in parsonage lots painting & plastering parsonage, and to Bill formerly my Servant twenty five dollars.

W. F. Lenoir

B. B. Lenoir, J. W. Duncan

State of Tennessee

Loudon County

County Court September Term 1878.

Then was the last will and testament of W. F. Lenoir produced in open Court and its execution and declaration duly proved in open Court by the oaths of B. B. Lenoir and J. W. Duncan the Subscribing witnesses thereto and adjudged by the


Court to be the last will and testament of said Testator, and admitted to record and ordered to be certified and recorded.

Witness my hand at office in Loudon this 3rd day of September 1878.

M. L. Mourfield, Clerk

There is a mention of a parsonage, but I don’t know where or what that parsonage is. There is also a mention of other family members and other locations like Sweetwater and Philadelphia. One of the Lenoirs was the founder of Sweetwater, and Philadelphia was a local community and does not refer to Pennsylvania although both are cities of “brotherly love”.

Now, to buy a new laptop and transcribe this…

(Edited on 4/1/19 – new laptop purchased – not an April Fool’s joke.)

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