Is This Your Dog?

Stray dogs end up at my gate. This means they get a free meal and a free ride to the shelter.

Last year a mother and her 3 big pups showed up. I was on the way to work, or they would have gotten in my car. One detail is that they were not completely catchable.

The 3rd pup panicked and ran off to the underbrush. I was glad that I hadn’t taken the others away. Imagine the terror of being separated from your family.

There was also the boxer, which finally had a happy ending.

There was this guy who showed up on December morning when I was hustling out to meet Leslie for an appointment.

He was there when I returned that evening, and again the next morning, and he and I and Leslie took the scenic route to the shelter.

Every time we drop off a dog or a cat, Leslie gives a donation.

This past weekend we were sitting on his yard enjoying the spring day, when one of his cats stared across the yard, her head swiveling on her shoulders like an owl. We saw nothing out of the ordinary. Another of his cats perked up and stared in the same direction.

We looked again and saw a dog peeking in his yard between the gate and gatepost.

We didn’t know this hungry boy. Leslie got a bowl of food and a leash and the keys to the van.

He finished the bowl and was enticed into the van with the promise of a treat.

Oh, that sweet face.

The tricky part for a poor county is that the shelter is usually full of animals and short on resources. Recently our county shelter had a shortfall when expected donations were not available, and they appealed to the county council for emergency funds to finish out the fiscal year. That is scary to see the bottom of the barrel. The county awarded the funds after the shelter proved that they had exhausted all sources of revenue.

Nevertheless, we took the dog to the shelter and they made room for him. I asked if they needed food. They said they were low, and were waiting on a shipment. I gave a donation and said that we would be back the next day with food.

And we did return with cat and dog food.

This guy. Leading by example.

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2 Responses to “Is This Your Dog?”

  1. Aquila Says:

    Thank you both. It takes so little really to help. I’m glad to know that you’ll both do this for these poor dogs.

    Liked by 1 person

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